Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Walkin' On Sunshine

That's the title of one of my favourite old radio songs from over 40 years ago.  It wasn't a deep sort of tune or lyric, it was just so darned cheery!  Today as I walked along in the windy but sunny afternoon I found myself singing it in my head.  Aaaah...good memories of summers long ago.

I just returned from having The Diabetes Care Talk with my friend.  I had to repeat myself a few times as his English comprehension is rather dreadful despite living in Canada for over 20 years, but eventually he figured out some of the things I was telling him. I don't know if it will help, but at least he knows he has someone to encourage him along the way as he tries to deal more effectively with his high blood sugar. I do think he is going to make himself an appointment with the Metabolic and Diabetic Education Centre here.  He will get a lot of help from them.  I think he basically knows what to do, he just needed some more specific details on meal planning and carb counts, plus a huge dose of encouragement that it is worth getting completely disciplined about his diet and exercise plan. Now I have to pray he gets with it before he hurts himself with his lack of attention, particularly to exercising.

On the way home I stopped at the grocery store for a couple of items I forgot to add to yesterday's list, adding an extra few blocks to my route.  Only the strength of the wind today keeps me from regretting I have no reason to walk anywhere else and that it is okay to just be at home for the rest of the day.  Every spring I experience that feeling of just being released from prison for those first few walks outside once the snow and ice are gone. 

Thank you God for spring.....even for the rain. At least it doesn't hinder my mobility the way ice does. 

Tomorrow night my husband wants to take me to a film of some kind at the library downtown.  I have no idea which movie it is, but it will be fun just to do something together.  The next night a young cousin of his from out of town will meet us for dinner somewhere here in the city. We haven't seen her in several years and she is experiencing life in rural SK for the first time....I think we may be going to get an earful of frustration, teehee.  Hope we can make her feel better if that is the case.

So, lots of good things weekend is our final choir concert and our Egyptian friends will join us the next afternoon for some recreation and dinner here.  I am hoping Nirmene can come with me to the halal grocery she likes as I have not been there and would like to serve them halal chicken.  Apparently they are allowed to eat non-halal meat with us because in Egypt we would be known as "People of the Book" and thus are safe to eat with.  Cool! However, I would really enjoy getting halal meat for them just because they are good friends and I love them.

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