Thursday, May 11, 2017

Walking With A Purpose

For some reason I find it difficult to enjoy going for a walk if I don't have some kind of specific goal in mind for doing it.  Today is a lovely day and I needed to invent an excuse to go for a decently long walk after lunch.  As I looked at a bag of books I have read over the past few weeks I remembered there is a community library box about 8 blocks away from here, so I used taking the books over there as an excuse to get outside.

The temperature is perfect for walking: +21C.  There is only a mild breeze, rather than our usual gale howling menacingly.  The sky is somewhat overcast so I didn't have any glare from overly bright sun to force me to wear sunglasses...which I love when driving, hate when walking as the difference in colour in front of my eyes sometimes obscures little bumps and rocks I tend to trip over when I don't see them.

Today when I got to the little community box it was completely empty of books.  Looks like I picked a good day to make a delivery.  I often come across second hand books in various places that cost me nothing, or else people give me bags and boxes of their books, again for no money and I love the idea of passing them on to others to read as they choose from the community boxes.

I feel better now about all the used books I have accrued over the past year.  It is nearly time for the annual Seniors' University book sale that will happen at a community centre  near here.  I won't worry about buying a ton of books again this year because now I have somewhere to dispose of them where others will be able to benefit from reading them, for free!  Since I don't pay more than a dollar each for the book sale books, it is easy enough to pass them on.

On the way home I stopped at the grocery store for some items.  Between the grocery store and home I accidentally brushed my arm against a tree branch, so of course now I am sitting here with small red welts covering both arms.  At least my face didn't get rashy this time as it often does when I am in contact with plants.  The rash never itches and it goes away in about 30 minutes once I am indoors.  This crazy allergy reaction showed up about 5 years ago when we lived north west of here and there must be similar greenery in this city as there are certain areas where I walk and come home covered in welts.  Sigh.....if I had a long sleeved shirt on I would have been fine, but the sleeveless tops like I am wearing today are an invitation to end up covered in airborne flora allergens.  O well, such is life.  I accomplished my walk, got rid of 2 bags of books and now I am ready for a big drink of water and a little relax time.

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