Sunday, May 7, 2017

Welcome Happy Morning

Years ago I attended a rural German Baptist church.  Every so often we sang a hymn entitled "Welcome Happy Morning". we dragged and slogged our way through it, there was rarely a hymn that sounded less welcoming or happy than that one!  hahaha  I don't know exactly what the original composer may have intended for a quicker tempo that would match the uplifting lyrics, but somewhere along the line our particular musicians and worship leaders must have missed the point. was painful every time we sang it.

My morning today IS very happy indeed!  I saw my husband off on his ministry trip to Rocanville this morning and was delighted to find that the early morning weather was not as hot today as it has been.  The first hour or so of his drive should be very pleasant.  Now it is after 9am, the clouds have moved off, the sun is shining and I can feel some intense heat radiating from the window panes beside my computer.  By the time my husband returns home this evening it will be cooler again. Most of his day will be spent inside cool buildings and halls and restaurants, so he should be okay. I am writing emails, blogging, reading, watching a movie here and there in between other things, rehearsing some music for this afternoon's practise and having a great time doing whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it.

We have a new addition to the townhouse menagerie here.  Beside the hares and geese we have recently aquired a duck couple.  They are very sweet, much more affectionate toward each other than the goose couples.  I assume we will now have whole new piles of poop to scoop, but this year I have decided to just accept it as a fact of I have had to do with so many other things in this province to keep from losing my mind completely.  The geese have taken to swarming the lawns here at about 5am, honking and carrying on like a flock of birdie banshees and my husband cannot sleep through it, nor can he get back to sleep if it stops before his alarm rings.  He is at the stage with his goose coping mechanism of wanting to bang his head against a wall because it will feel so good when he stops!!  hahaha

Yesterday we enjoyed attending the commissioning service of 6 Diocesan Readers.  It is a new title for the old lay reader programme and some good changes in their duties are on the horizon so that they are no longer confused with readers who simply read the Scriptures at worship services. The organist at the Cathedral was wonderful and I so enjoyed the hymns. Tea, cake and visiting afterward with the other attendees filled our time until we had to pick up my husband's young cousin and take her out for dinner.

His cousin is an occupational therapist, living for the first time in rural Saskatchewan. She is having the kind of small town living experience that everyone assumes is stereotyical, but these days is rather rare. She has been completely welcomed in by the community. She loves her little town, has made a couple of very good friends all ready in her first 6 months of employment, found a sweet apartment to rent, has a great boss and basically has the world by the tail in her first OT position. We are delighted for her. She took training in the Maritimes and has been doing some travelling across this big country of ours.  It was so much fun reconnecting after 7 years, seeing the changes in her life and how grown up and mature she has become as an adult.  Looking forward to our next visit, that is for sure.

I ordered the cannelloni stuffed with black olives, ground chorizo sausage and smothered in a tomato pepper sauce.  Bless the chef at Luiggi's who agreed to leave all the cheese off in order to appease my cholesterol levels.  I am sure I got more than enough of it from the sausage and the olive oil in the sauce anyway.  I ordered it extra spicy. O was perfect!  There was enough on my plate for 2 complete meals and I ate the entire thing!!  As I waddled out of the restaurant afterward my only regret was that there hadn't been even more on my plate, hahaha.  I can't remember the last time I left a restaurant without a takeout box holding half my entree.  I threw all caution to the wind and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Fortunately the cannelloni were only 3 small ones, thinly rolled, there was mostly chunky sauce, so my carb count in total was only up a bit from whatever sugars may have been in the sauce itself.  All I know is that I felt wonderful afterward, my whole body was glowing with the heat from the herbs in the hot sauce...o it was SO delicious!  And today I eat only the required minimum intake of all foods for the entire day!  I can't eat like that again for a long time, but wow, I certainly did enjoy the deviance from my usual disciplined portions. hahaha

Hoping to be in touch with my son this evening. He called yesterday just after we left for the service and we got home too late to chat last night.  He sounds well, so his life and plans must be perking along okay.

Our relative with cancer is surviving the treatments and we are all so grateful for the anti-nausea drugs. Malaise and bad muscle pains are so far the worst symptoms...which doesn't sound so bad unless you have experienced it first hand. The more detailed the descriptions the worse it sounds to us. The committment to working through the symptoms is amazing, disciplined, successful to a large degree.  We are the proud relatives!

Soon it will be time for Lee and family to board the plane in Thailand to come home to Canada.  I am hoping for a report on that in the next 2 or 3 days. In the meantime I am praying along with you all for safety and for no ongoing repercussions from this sad incident in Lee's life.

 I had to send out an email the other day requesting a ride to choir this afternoon.  I am located rather off the beaten path for most of our choir members, but I have had 4 offers of rides so far and have been able to accept one from the person who has to go the least out of her way to accommodate me.  How kind everyone has been about this request of mine.

Speaking of choir I guess I should wander off to the piano and try to get my voice on track to sing the notes that I am supposed to sing and not find some weak, croaking off key note sneaking out of my mouth...stupid meds and old age are combining to rob me of my singing voice, so I have been releasing myself from other singing committments.  I am wondering if I will be able to return to this choir in September, but have all summer to see if this side effect from my osteo meds is going to be permanent or a temporary glitch.

Have a most blessed Sunday everyone!

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