Thursday, May 25, 2017

What Once Was Lost Has Now Been Found........

....saving us along drive back to Cypress Hills next Monday!  

On the one hand I am a bit disappointed to miss that drive together, but on the other hand, I am relieved my husband can avoid taking an extra trip that direction so close to our holidays.  Other than the hills themselves it really isn't a very interesting drive.

His glasses turned up this morning in a box of communion supplies in the trunk of our car.  How did they get there when the box of supplies is for the Synod office and has no connection to his last weekend's trip?  NO idea....but then we often find my husband's lost items in the oddest of places and he has no memory of why he would have put them there.  hahahahaha

Since we are now leaving on our trip 2 days earlier than planned I suppose I am glad of the extra day next week to get ready.   It will give us a morning to get our recycleables taken to the depot and get a few dollars from the bags and boxes of tins and bottles taking up space on our basement floor.

What a relief to know those glasses are safely stowed in my husband's home office on his desk!  YES!!

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