Thursday, May 18, 2017

Why I Love Teens!

I have always found teenagers to be the most fascinating people and I love them dearly!  One of the things I most enjoy about that age group is their certainty that they are the first to discover so many things and have no clue that most of what they are learning is old news to the rest of us.  hahaha

One of the most hilarious conversations I ever had was with two teenaged girls I used to know, now grown women with husbands and children.  They were 15 years old at the time. I overheard the two of them talking one day when they had no idea anyone could be listening in on their conversation.  They were discussing a particular sexual practise among young people that was making a lot of news in those days and each of them was discussing it as if they knew exactly what it was all about and possibly hinting to each other that each of them had given it a try.  I knew from the complete lack of factual information they had that they had no idea about any of it. 

So, since I knew them and their families so well, I stepped around the corner and invited myself into their discussion. It went kind of like this:

Me: Hey ladies, whatcha'  talkin' about?

Them (sagely and condescendingly): O, Mrs. B., YOU don't want to know about such things! (snicker, snicker)

Me: Well, actually I overheard a bit of what you were discussing and I think that you both need to know that in order to do that sort of thing you need to do thus and so.  Then of course there is a danger that if you participate in this you could experience this, that or the other thing and even put your lives in danger...but of course you all ready know these things..........don't you? 

Them (shocked!): Eeeewewww!!  MRS. B.!!!  We are so embarrasseed! How do YOU know about these things?  You are OLD!!!  

Me: Yes, I am very old indeed...older than dirt....therefore my brain contains the knowledge and wisdom of the ages.  If you need to know anything else about this particular subject don't be afraid to ask me because you really need to get your facts straight about all the things old people invented long before you were born, particularly practises that could harm you.

Them (rather subdued):  Oooooooooohhhh..........

I contacted both girls' parents that same day and told them about our little discussion. After they stopped laughing uproariously they all decided it was certainly time to have another talk with their daughters that went deeper than the basic "birds and bees". 

Teens.  So darned cute.  So sure they know it all.  Positive that every idea they come up with on their own is a totally new invention.  

Love. Them. To. Pieces!!

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Susan Erlenbach said...

😉😁 Too cute and so true!