Monday, May 22, 2017

Wonderful New Tasty Treat!

My husband decided to make lunch today.  I was working on a project upstairs and soon after he started cooking the most wonderful aromas began wafting up and making me seriously hungry for the meal.

He decided to make upma.  Upma is an Indian breakfast mix, basically seasoned cream of wheat...very fine grained.  It is combined with several oils: sunflower, rice bran, palm, soy bean and sesame, as well as salt, chick peas, lemon powder, green chili, ginger, sugar, curry leaves and mustard.  My husband added a touch of cumin, a handful of green peas and edamame and a light sprinkling of ground peanuts, then served it topped with crispy fried, dried onions.  O DIE FOR....SO delicious!!!  It is of course very high in carbohydrates and fats, but I was so entranced by the flavour I ended up eating twice as much of those "baddies" as I should have.  Happy sigh....   

After lunch I exercised myself nearly to exhaustion to try to keep the blood sugar down, hoping the addition of the cooked green veggies would help the cholestrol count just a bit.  There is enough left for my husband to eat it  I don't dare eat it two days in a row.  

What a fantastic treat, cooked right in our own home. Yummmmmm!!  

Thank you dear husband for a chance to consume something completely different for a change!

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