Monday, May 15, 2017

Yummy Salad!!

I was tired yesterday so decided to keep supper very simple for our guests last night.  The chicken/veggie casserole came together quickly and easily, this particular family loves artisan breads smothered in butter, I had a plate each of sliced tomatoes and cucumbers as some members of the family enjoy one and others the other and they don't eat lettuce, so that made a greens salad a bad idea.  I had a dish of orange rind stuffed olives and knew those would disappear quickly, but what to have for another side dish....

I decided beans would be a good idea, so I opened and rinsed and dried a can of red kidney beans and a can of black beans.  I heated some frozen edamame to add in for colour, finely diced half a small white onion and mixed everything together with some freshly ground pepper and a dowsing of white balsamic vinegar. DELICIOUS and so very simple!  I ended up with a huge bowl of beans, but our guests ate the entire bowl's worth!  The casserole went over well too as I had so many chopped veggies in it along with rather a lot of sliced chicken in lemon juice and Greek herb mix. For a base I used a wonderful mix of quinoa and red rice and wild rice that we were introduced to by my husband's sister recently.  The little boys who ate that casserole were persuaded to enjoy the green beans, carrots, celery and peas they don't normally like to eat, because everything was chopped so finely they were barely aware of all the vegetables. hahaha Good trick with these boys, works every time! 

It was a good meal for our friends and other than the time it took to dice and chop the veggies, it was quick to produce.  Easy peasey!!

After supper we walked through the park across the street.  There seem to be fewer geese this year and the goslings have mostly hatched out, so we had a great time watching the little downy birds scattering about the park under the watchful eye of their parents. The lower number of geese made walking on the paths less of a minefield for poop bombs!  YES!!  Don't know if there are straggling late comers still on their way from the south or if somewhere along the line the geese were culled either accidentally by weather or deliberately by fed up town and city parks administrators, but it was a most pleasant first venture into the park last evening for us.  The boys played on the playground equipment while we old codgers sat and watched the fountain in the "lake".  

It was a lovely Mothers Day for me as I had a good conversation with my own Mom, my son called me and our guests brought me flowers and other gifts in honour of the day.  Wow!!  

Today I find myself rather unexpectedly alone and wondering the best way to spend my afternoon. My husband ended up with two surprise "play dates" today...oooh, he hates me to tease him by calling them that, he is off with an immigrant friend to introduce him to the lumber yards and hardware stores here, then off to the home of another friend who is turning his garage into a woodworking shop.  He is likely going out for lunch with his first friend and, unbeknownst to him right now, he is also going out for supper...with me! hahaha  I am happy for my husband to have two friends to spend some guy time with. 

I suppose I could spend some time reading after lunch even though there is always plenty of housework to do...I am like my mom, if I am not working at some specific task every waking hour between morning breakfast and evening dinner I feel lazy and decadent.  I do have Sunday's episode of "Shades of Blue" recorded and I could watch that.  Tomorrow I will be going on a long walk, so should conserve a bit of energy today by doing my exercise here at home. It is kind of nice to make a few last moment plans for myself! to locate something delicious for my lunch. There is a chicken breast left over from yesterday that didn't go into the casserole and I have a nice fresh loaf of rosemary bread and a head of butter butter lettuce in the fridge...yeah, sounds like great fixings for a sandwich! 

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