Saturday, June 10, 2017

A Swing and a Hit: McDonald's Asian Salad Bowl! Who'd A-Thunk It?

I have just finished eating a take out salad from, of all places, McDonald's. it was quite delicious.

Gourmet? No.
Tasty and fresh? Absolutely!

There was enough salad in the bowl for two people.

Ingredients: kale, lettuce, edamame, shredded carrot, purple onion rings, red pepper strips, and on the side a small packet of roasted cashews and one containing a soy based dressing. I used less than half a pack of dressing and it was more than enough, plus I gave the cashews to my husband to reduce my fats.

I admit I only bought my lunch there because my husband purchased a bento box of freshly made sushi rolls and enarisushi from Nakagama's wonderful Japanese store for his own lunch and since I can't eat sushi much any more, I chose the closest take out fast food restaurant in the area...and grudgingly at we could get back to the hotel in time for my proscribed lunchtime. Okay, I wasn't just grudging....I felt ripped off having to eat anything from a burger "joint" instead of being able to eat such delicious sushi prepared by Mrs. Nakagama herself. I was so teed off I slammed the car door on my way into the outlet. (Remember, confession is supposed to be a good thing, right? hohoho....)

We spent a LOT of money in Nakagama's tiny but incredibly well stocked store. Various teas, senbei crackers, yuzu extract, shoyu sauces, matcha cookies, soba noodles and other delicious foods seemed to leap of their own accord into our shopping basket. I also purchased a most wonderful large carry bag that has a zipper to close it at the top. The reason I don't use most of the cloth and plasticized tote style bags presently in our home is because they are wide open at the top and things inside fall out so easily. This bag is also slightly insulated to keep foods warm or cold. Love it!

My husband tried one of his new teas at lunch here at our hotel. It is so good we are actually returning to Nakagama's this afternoon for another package. hahahaha The insulated bags are inexpensive and would make good gifts so I may pick up another one or two. I love the teensy matcha cookies. Each one is the width of the nail on my index finger. They are packaged in a tube and the packaging is as cute as the cookies! I suspect another tube of those may be required!

Time to exercise my lunch off while my husband does some writing, then back to the Japanese store!

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