Monday, June 5, 2017

A Swing and a Miss

We left Kindersley at 9am and headed for Calgary.

We left Kindersley at 10am and headed for Calgary.


Yes, both statements are true.

How could that be? You well may ask. It "be" because at 9:30am, when we were nearly as far west as Flaxcomb, my husband discovered his reading glasses were not in his vest pocket, they were not in his briefcase, they were not in his suitcase, they were not in his pants pocket, they were not in the glove compartment. They were not anywhere on his person nor in our vehicle.

And where were they? You well may ask. They were back in Kindersley sitting on the overhead bath rack back in our hotel room. Big fricking sigh......

At 9:35am we were on our way back east to Kindersley to pick up his glasses and at 10am we drove out of the motel parking lot for our second attempt at a drive to Calgary.

Mystery (s) solved!

The next two hours of driving through teeming rain and car twisting wind gusts were otherwise uneventful. They were also educational: we learned how much extra gasoline our vehicle can burn when batting the aforementioned conditions!

We stopped in Drumheller for lunch at what is now no longer our favourite Irish pub! Thirty-five minutes and several gag inducing mouthfuls of stale, soggy, tasteless, dressing drenched Caesar salad and rubbery water chilled chicken bits later, we were once again on our way to Calgary, but in much better weather!

We eventually got all the "survival gear" moved from car to guest room and had a short visit with my visibly failing parents, sigh, then went to the area Lebanese grocery while my parents ate their dinner in the dining room as usual. It is becoming too difficult for them to go out for dinner at this point in time.

Next we stopped at a small Greek restaurant we used to eat at decades ago. The present owners have spruced the place up, but ordering and receiving our meal was a challenge we were not expecting!

More on that after a night's sleep......

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