Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Terrific First Day Out

Despite the consistently strong wind gusts and several hours of pouring rain along our route today, we have had fun! I did all the driving, allowing my husband to doze, philosophize and meditate for the entire trip. He needed that.

We stopped for lunch with the priest in Maple Creek, enjoying the excellent conversation and a meal of "better than" old fashioned small town Chinese restaurant food. Every meal in the place includes a choice of soup or juice and three or four choices in flavours of iced cream or banana custard for dessert.  How cute is that, right? There was too much salt in my meal, but several glasses of water took care of that....hopefully. There are better restaurants there, but the staff at this one were so friendly and attentive it made up for any deficiencies in the food. The veggies were perfectly cooked, slightly el dente, just the way we like them and my husband's Cantonese chow mein was loaded with meat. The barley soup starter was piping hot and delicious.

As we drove west from Maple Creek the rain reduced itself to a trickle. By the time we arrived at our hotel in Medicine Hat the sun was peeping out from behind the clouds and the streets were drying. After we checked into our hotel we went for a LONG walk, picking up a few books in a Value Village and some supper "fixin's" for a relaxed meal time in our room. Now we are just visiting, checking emails and phone messages and preparing for tomorrow's drive. I am so hoping I can go for tea with my mom, just the two of us, for an hour tomorrow afternoon while Dad is napping. Hopefully he will be able to come out for lunch with us first. He has his shower in the morning and that still tires him a bit.

So far this little trip seems to be coming together just fine!

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