Friday, June 23, 2017

Ain't We Got Fun?

Yes, we do!

At 7pm yesterday we looked out our hotel room window and realized there is a theatre complex across the road. There weren't any movies playing that appealed to us, but we decided to see the latest instalment in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, "Dead Men Tell No Tales". It started at 7:30pm, so by the time we got ready to go we only had to sit through about five minutes of advertisements and useless blithering on screen, pre-movie. Yay for that. This movie, amidst the usual silliness, had a plot this time that actually was a plot...sort that was a good thing. Lots of silly jokes made it fun as well.

While standing in line for tickets we met another couple also staying at our hotel. Fascinating! They are not much younger than ourselves and are cycling enthusiasts. They are pedalling their way across Canada. They began in Vancouver and are cycling all the way back to their home in Prince Edward Island. We didn't have time for a long chat, but it was fun meeting them. Yesterday's teeming rain drove them out of their campground and into the comfort of a hotel. She loves that, he wasn't that thrilled. haha. She claims to be a compared to who I wonder! Cycling across Canada in her 50's?  Not wimpy in my opinion! He is making one concession to her perceived state of wimpy by taking a short dip across the border south so they do not have to tackle an apparently wicked ride across the north shore of Lake Ontario. We wish them well.

Came back to the great news that our son not only may have a gallery position for September, but now has temporary work for the entire summer with the same artist he apprenticed with on his last stay in the States. Cheney Thomson and his also artist wife, Eileen Quinlan, have been most supportive of Eli. He is blessed to know them.

So, off to breakfast and on to Calgary for lunch.  Why do holidays make me feel so hungry all the time? Yum!

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Susan Erlenbach said...

Thanks for sharing. Some great news! Have fun😀