Friday, June 2, 2017

Allergies...90 Minutes of My Morning I Will Not Get Back!

I am over my last night's blues about our vacation travels and had great plans to spend this morning getting the last of my ironing completed and my suitcase packing planned out in my head so I can pack up quickly tomorrow.

Unfortunately I had a bit of a setback time-wise.  I woke up a couple of mornings ago with a teeny patch of contact skin allergy on the wrist that rests on my rather elderly computer mousepad.  I decided to change the pad, stop resting my wrist on it and not bother getting any assistance with the allergy because not letting that wrist rest on a mousepad should clear it up, easy peasy...right?


When I woke up this morning it had spread across my wrist and is now tracking up over the palm of my hand.  There was a big open scratch running across the worst of the redness so I knew it must have been itchy overnight.  


So, off I dutifully walked to the clinic, arriving in time for the 8am opening.  Blessedly there was only 1 lady there ahead of me so I only had to wait about 20 minutes for the doctor to arrive and diagnose the exact contact allergy I suspected.  It is not my first time at this particular rodeo.


Fortunately my  pharmacy is right next door to the clinic and within seconds my prescription had been faxxed over.  I only had to wait 20 minutes for the cortisone cream to be prepared and bagged and I spent that 20 minutes tracking down a few sales on personal items I want to take along on holidays. 

By the time I walked home again I was a good 90 minutes behind schedule.  So, instead of hauling out my suitcase and getting right to it, I procrastinated by reading several online newspapers that didn't need to be read, giving my allergy rash a good covering of cream, checking emails, now blogging and generally doing nothing useful whatsoever toward getting ready to leave tomorrow.


I am too easily distracted.......

As usual, the week prior to holidays is filled with the onset of rarely experienced allergies, assorted aches and pains I never experience any other time, working in lab tests between trips and spending most of my travel days calling home for messages to see if my results are in and if I need to see the doctor as soon as I return.  

Every blessed year..........

Guess it is good to have a few things in life that never seem to change.  Right?

Nooooooo...............not these sorts of things!!

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Susan Erlenbach said...

Praying for a peaceful restful time.