Sunday, June 18, 2017


I am chuckling this morning. This has to tie for us as one of the two worst vacations we have ever had.  To be sure, there have been some bright spots and there are a couple more scheduled for next week, but generally this is one crappy holiday.  At this point things have rotated between boring and downright miserable, so laughter is the only thing left as we sit here contemplating this month's time off. What a bust!!

We knew the first few days would be stressful caring for the elderly rels and saying goodbye to our son before he departs for a possibly extended time Stateside.  We were delighted by our time in southern Alberta with friends....a definite highlight.  Then we came home to one small disaster after another, none on their own all that difficult to deal with or fix, but with a steady stream continuing to build there has been no time for day trips, no energy to do much other than run around trying to fix broken computers and sewing machines and mopping up water in the basement instead of cleaning it out, killing mice, fighting the the tax department, trying to locate lost mail....oh dear Lord, I don't even want to ask "what next?" in case there is something!  This is not a holiday. This is a stressful, depressing misery in too many ways.  I suppose that is what we get for building up our time off in our minds before it even happened.  We realize now we should have just bitten the financial bullet and gone to Vancouver as usual so that we could get away from all the depressing events of daily life, away from aging ill parents after our time with them so that we could de-stress; we should have hired someone to look after the mail and mop up the basement in our absence...what were we thinking???  Or more accurately....why weren't we thinking??? hahaha  Guess we are old and tired and my husband's job stress was getting to both of us before this break.  Aiiiii yiiiiii...glad we have a few more travels coming up later this week.  There should be some bright spots during that time.  Glad we have that to look forward to at least.  hahahaha  

My goodness, aren't I feeling sorry for myself today?? hahahaha  Good thing I become quickly bored with depressing thoughts!
Hey, the sun is out again today and we are going to walk up to a little apostolic church after lunch to visit a service and have a complete change of pace in worship...mostly much younger people and that is always energizing for us. See...all ready something new to look forward to today!  Hallelujah!!


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