Wednesday, June 14, 2017

But Before We Came Home to the Messes.....

....we had a fabulous Sunday and a Monday morning in Lethbridge!!

We arranged to meet up with our minister friends Sunday morning at their church and enjoyed a particularly glorious service with them.  The Winston Churchill high school Womens' Choir was performing several classical pieces and an old spiritual. They were fantastic, as was a small group our friends perform in.  It was a very special musical service and I am so glad we were able to reap the many benefits of listening to beautifully composed and lyricized music that was performed by well trained musicians and singers.  What a treat!

However, the best treat was yet to come.  After the service a family approached us, huge grins on their faces, welcoming us to their church congregation.  It was a family of former parishioners of ours who have been transferred to Lethbridge!  WOW!  What fun to see and visit with them again during the coffee hour fellowship after church. My husband had the privilege several years ago of baptizing the son, when he was a young teen, in the South Saskatchewan River at a beautiful outdoor service led by our former Bishop and an onshore guitar and conga drum group.  Now the young man is in his first year of university, studying economics!  We chatted and laughed, shared memories of our former parish life together and had a great time of fellowship.  Delightful!!

After a delicious lunch at the home of our minister friends we all retired for an afternoon nap, followed by a relaxing walk around the lake near the Japanese Gardens.  They brought their little terrier and watching him enjoy himself in the park, racing between sunny sidewalks and shady treed areas, was a lot of fun.  Along the way we met some of their present parishioners and had a long visit in the warm sunshine.  

Then the four of us went to dinner at Coulee Brewery Taps Grill.  Our own experience there the evening before was very positive, our friends had never been before, plus they had several meal coupons to put toward the cost.  We were able to sit outside on the patio, away from the blaring tv's in the bar that were broadcasting what turned out to be the winning game of the Stanley Cup series, the breeze was strong enough to blow the mosquitoes right on past us and we sat out there for a couple of hours or more enjoying the food, drink and visiting.  By the end of the meal we concluded we absolutely have to find ways to get together more often.  We left the pub with great plans to visit Fort Whoop-up and do some hiking in the hills the following day.

When we woke up on Monday morning, one look at my husband's grey, exhausted face let me know there would be no Fort Whoop-up and no hill hiking going on.  Fortunately our friends were very gracious and understanding about it, so we settled on another deep conversation as we sat out in their back yard drinking tea.  By noon we realized we needed to wend our way home and took our leave amid many hugs, tears, prayers and promises not to wait so long between visits next time.

It was a long and silent drive back to Regina.  My husband slept most of the way to Medicine Hat where we spent a good deal of time searching for a restaurant there we have eaten at before and enjoyed.  After a rather long hunt, we did find it and it was worth the time invested.  It is a dark pub, relaxing, almost deserted at 2pm.  I believe it is called Mauro's.  The food is less than gourmet, but it is tasty and filling and the atmosphere was perfect for a couple of worn out old goofs like ourselves.

My husband took a turn at the wheel and made it as far as Dunmore, a whole ten kilometres, where he decided it was time for me to drive some more so he could sleep some more. hahaha  I took my turn to doze out while he drove again from Thompson to Parkbeg, (he simply cannot refuse a stop at the ice cream shop along the highway at Thompson), then I took us home the rest of the way.  My goodness that 6 hour trip somehow turned into nearly 8 hours with breaks for food, checking tire pressure, getting gasoline and trading drivers back and forth.  It felt like a very long day indeed, particularly after having to stop at the neighbourhood grocery near our home to pick up some food for the next day or two.

Yesterday was a day of complete rest for my husband while I bustled around (My, that makes me sound more energetic than I actually was!!!) doing all the laundry and getting some business done in preparation to our possible second journey next week.  

Today my husband is working on that little tax fiasco, I am ironing and picking up a few more least I WILL be ironing and getting groceries....soon....I think.....  The pouring rain outside is doing nothing to motivate me to get going out there, hahaha. This rain is to continue for several days, but at least it keeps the heat from becoming too intense.

In Other News:
Our relative with cancer has just completed the fourth and final chemo treatment.  This time the after effects hit pretty hard, the worst thus far, so we are all extremely grateful the doctor cancelled the other two possible chemotherapies.  To continue would likely mean permanent neuropathy in hands and feet...there are times when quality of life has to trump precautionary extra chemo treatments.  In July there should be seven days of radiation treatment and that should be the end of it. Then it will be time for recovery from the rest of the chemo side effects and that could take a few weeks to several months.  Your prayers are SO appreciated.  The attitude of our relative has been amazingly positive, cheery even, at times when there could have been complete despair brought about by the exhaustion and emotional upheaval.

So, onward and the post the grocery store....maybe.....yawn.......

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