Sunday, June 4, 2017

Cute Little Old Motel

I am currently ensconced in my ancient motel in Kindersley SK. The mattress is a bit too soft, but that is my only disappointment in the Arbor Ridge. Yes, it is old, a two storey stacker with a very narrow inside hallway connecting all the rooms to a swimming pool that is not in use this weekend as we are the only guests booked in, but the whole place has recently been remodelled. The paint is fresh, the bedding new and crisp, the carpet plush with pile still standing high. None of the local hotels include a complementary continental breakfast and we bring our own anyway.

I remember this place from when we lived here and drove past it nearly daily on outings. At the time it was painted an old fashioned white and turquoise and the upper balcony and step railings were so covered in hanging pots of flowers all I could wonder was how many guests were rushed to hospital with bee stings each summer. It looked like a remnant from the 1950's, the sort of place I would have stayed in with my parents as a small child. Now the exterior was been redone in earthy tones of brown, silver and black, quite modern.

Despite the economic downturn here that has left most of the hotels and motels with so few guests, (when we lived here there were so many road, rail and oilfield crews all rooms had to be booked three to twelve months in advance), prices here remain high. I admit we booked this place because it was the least expensive to save the diocesan travel budget a few dollars, yet it still costs more than a basic room with no hairdryer or iron should cost. The other so called budget hotels do have those amenities but the idea of paying another thirty to fifty dollars a night just to have them is appalling to me. Our current room is huge, with a massive tv screen, two desks, excellent wifi service, green towels instead of the stain showing white ones other hotels use and the owner offered to put us in a room at the back away from the highway traffic before we had a chance to ask. There is a new air conditioner, new windows with sliders and screens. The parking lot has been repaved. Yes, for a truly budget motel, this one is quite acceptable for a two night stay.

On the way into town we discovered the Extra Foods at one end of the aging mall that closed out some time ago has not yet been replaced by the promised No Frills, the Home Hardware seems to be the only large store left there, although I will check that out on Monday morning, and the liquor store will close as soon as the new Sobey's is completed as it will take over the local liquor supply. What a dumb decision on the part of SLGA to close one of the most lucrative rural stores with the widest selection of product. Duh! The manager there, Bonnie, is second to none and they are losing her.

With no big chain grocery left here, there is only the short stocked, teensy WalMart grocery section available for purchasing any groceries on Saturday evenings and Sundays. Not great. I am not certain I even want to drive down Main Street to see how many retailers have closed out there. Poor Kindersley appears at first glance to be dying a slow and painful death. We will see what the congregants at church this morning have to tell us about what has been going on economically since we moved away.

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