Saturday, June 10, 2017

Finally: a WiFi Connection!

We discovered the internet connection problem we experienced during our time  in Calgary is due to the fact that my parents' facility disconnected from WiFi several months ago. Yup, that would explain it all right.....hahaha.

Yesterday we drove to our hotel in Lethbridge that has the expected connection. What a relief! While taking a break from blogging and emails for a few days is a good thing, it was also frustrating. I received several ecards for my birthday I wasn't able to open until late last evening. Arranging a visit with a former pastor of ours who now lives in a nursing home was incredibly difficult because we had to make the arrangements through email contact with his daughter. With no WiFi available and only sporadic connection using a cell phone as a hot spot, we nearly missed our chance for that great and encouraging visit. It was crazy, but eventually it all worked out.

Our Greek dinner and the fun/frustration we had with our waitress that first night in Calgary rather set the tone for our time in that city. hahahaha The dear girl arrived with our drinks nearly ten minutes after we ordered them, then went M.I.A. for another fifteen minutes before returning to take our orders, at which time we barely verbalized our requests before she cheerfully snatched the menus from our hands and loped off in the general direction of the kitchen without asking us which side orders we wanted. We wondered if both of us had misread the menus. Perhaps we were mixed up as to which entrees included sides. Another ten minutes passed. Then our waitress came back to ask us if we wanted fries, mashed or stuffed potatoes, or perhaps rice. We told her we would have rice. About five minutes later she returned to see if we preferred soup or salad. My husband ordered soup and I said I would have salad. She vanished immediately and I had not yet specified which type of salad I wanted. A few minutes later she was back to let me know the chef was demanding to know my salad selection and how was she to know when I hadn't told her. would have been so proud of me: I bit my tongue until it bled, but I managed to choke out my desire for a horitaki salad and even slipped in a request for a refill on my drink before she skipped off once again. Fortunately  the meal turned out to be worth the 45 minute wait AND we were never bored in the interim because we took bets against each other as to when the girl would next appear and what questions she would have for us. It was hilarious!

The visits and parental chores went as well as could be expected with two ninety year olds in various stages of declining health. Dad is much perkier mentally after suffering through the morphine withdrawal, but has now developed a problem with his sleeping pill, so was antsy the entire visit due to lack of sleep. Mom is still trapped by her own inability to stand up to his bullying and so is missing chances to go out and keep herself sane. Unfortunately with the increase in mental alertness, Dad has also regained the strength to give himself anger when Mom wants or needs to go out without him. I had zero time alone with her in five days. Just like old times....There is nothing I can do about it, but it infuriates me. Now that we are no longer there, I can let it go and concentrate on finally TRULY being on holidays!

Having our son there was spectacular. He is patience personified when dealing with his grandparents. I expected I would be as teary and upset about his move south as my parents are, but I have total peace that he is attempting exactly the right move. We dropped him off at the airport yesterday feeling almost as excited about it all as he is himself. Gotta be a "God thang"!!!

During our final evening there a frightening and amazing wind and rain storm blew into the area. We had a wonderful view of it from my parents' living room window. It was a huge system. Here in Lethbridge the same system caused a great deal of damage. In the aftermath of that storm the winds are even stronger than usual. We fought to keep the car on the road most of the way here, but still enjoyed the sunshine and clear skies.

After checking into our hotel, we had a delicious Caesar Chavez salad at Coulee Brewing, then drove on to Taber to see old friends we had not seen in over seven years. It was such fun catching up! This seems to be a time of reconnecting with Alberta friends. I don't remember the last time I was this happy!  It is a completely different culture here. It is MY culture. I understand the people and they understand me. I needed this reconnection desperately. More old friends to visit over the next three days. YES!! Let's hear it for holidays! YAY!

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