Thursday, June 1, 2017

Glorious Summer Heat!!

No rain today after all! YES!!!!!  What a treat as the breeze began to die just after lunch and the temperature outside started soaring.  At the moment I have just returned from a 1 hour walk and feel so happy inside with spring/summer weather so obviously happenin'!!  

I never used to be able to go out and walk for an hour in temperatures above +25C, but now that I have lost so much weight and have learned to take my time instead of racing along at top speed, well, walking in the sizzling heat is just as wonderful as it is walking on cooler days.  My purse easily holds a small water bottle so I can rehydrate as necessary.  My husband's sister gave us each a water cooler scarf a couple of years ago that I can fill up any time, wrap it around my neck, tie it nicely and go walking in all degrees of heat.  What a great gift to receive.  My husband and I have used ours for the past two or three summers and now can enjoy being outdoors doing all manner of activities in the middle of summer without overheating.  I didn't use it today, but will if I have to walk in the heat anywhere there is less shade than my route today. 

There were a few more books in the community library box today than there usually are, but nothing that particularly interested me, so I just left my deposit and walked home again, stopping at the grocery for a second time today as I remembered a few things we need to take with us for breakfasts when we go to our former parish this weekend.  The A/C in the grocery revitalized me and gave me the oomph to enjoy the rest of my walk home.  

From now until about mid July the leaves are as thick and green as they will ever be, flowering shrubs and boxed garden flowers will be as gorgeous as they ever get and then by the end of July everything will be turning gold and straw, ecru and downright brown again until next May.

Spring and summer....are there any sweeter, more beautiful seasons on the prairies??!!!? 

Then there is the ongoing saga of our water drain and pipe repairs! hahaha  Well.......the trucks that filled our parking lot this morning and nearly made me crazy with all the noise, packed up and left just as I was eating my lunch.  No sign of them 2 hours later, the hole they dug in the lawn across from us is filled in again and it appears they will not be back today.  During the time they were here our water never was shut off and appears to be working as per usual.  I am following the directive to not use the water taps or flush toilets until after 4:30pm, but I am GUESSING, GUESSING MIND YOU, that the notice I received yesterday telling me my water would not be shut off then as originally scheduled but would be shut off today...well...I am guessing the writer of the notice JUST MAY have meant TOMORROW instead!  The lawn sprinklers that run from our suite's water supply have been gushing water and spluttering and coughing for several hours now, so obviously the water is still running from the source. Apparently the management is supposed to give us 48 hours notice of a non-emergency interruption in our water supply and the original notice only gave us less than 24 hours to prepare.  The second notice received yesterday about today's supposed water turn off only gave us 24 hours, but I am suspicious someone typing it up got their dates mixed up and meant tomorrow after all.  So, I am keeping all the bins and bottles of water, the slop pails and the box of handywipes I had ready for yesterday and today, just in case.  I am so glad I completed all the laundry and ran the dishwasher yesterday.  If we have no water tomorrow I will still be prepared.  haha  This is the craziest place ever to live....and we have lived in some VERY crazy places under equally crazy circumstances.

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