Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Happy For the Turnaround

We are both so happy with the change in mood since we worked through our work related stress and depression last week.  Guess we just needed that down time to get over it all and get ready to move on.  YIPPEE!!  Movin' on...that seems to be a major theme in our lives.  

My husband spent 10 hours at the office yesterday.  It was a necessity and I was wondering how he would cope with having to return to work in the middle of his supposed month off.  He coped very well.  Whew!!  It would appear the place really can't manage longer term without him and I think his fragile ego needed that little boost, haha.  Seriously, he accomplished what needed to be accomplished before the end of this month and he came home very happy indeed.  He found people able and willing to deal with some other issues that don't absolutely need his hands on touch for the next couple of weeks so he was most grateful for that.  We spent the evening giggling at a comedy show on television and figuring out what we need to pack up for food items for Leg Two of our holiday journeys. 

It feels great to be over the whining and complaining that we weren't going to go anywhere more exotic or "big city" on our holidays this year.  It is irritating to be whining, that is for sure.  My husband's sister has reserved some live theatre tickets for a play I think we will very much enjoy when we are in Edmonton, there are some excellent restaurants near her home so no one needs to do any cooking during our short stay there, I am going to try to meet up with my former roommate from "the good old days", we are having lunch with a colleague of my husband's along the route on our first day out, my parents are thrilled we are coming again so soon, we are going to see some old friends in Olds, many many old friends from there at an anniversary party, we are visiting members of my husband's second family before going to Edmonton to see his real family and will be seeing other old friends at a church service on Sunday morning.  This afternoon we are supposed to be having coffee with seminary friends from Australia we haven't seen more than once in the past ten years. How exciting they are visiting our city this week and want to see us.  Hope it works out as they are so much fun. 

I think one of the things that was depressing me was that I thought there wouldn't be too many visits with friends this second half of the holiday, but the original scant few visits have morphed into plans to see people every single day of the trip. YAY!  NOW I feel better.

Our son completed his final day at his job yesterday and began the long process last evening of preparing his little suite for his subletter.  I cannot believe he will be leaving for NYC the day after we return from our own trip.  It could be 2 years or more before we see him again. I have such peace about it though.  Of course I am sad that he will be so far away, but it is certainly the right move to try to make at this time.  We talked about his chance to use this move as an opportunity to reinvent himself personally, not just in terms of his career.  He has some pretty big baggage to get rid of and heal from, so what a wonderful opportunity for him to do that.  In terms of distance from Vancouver, well, he will be about as "far as the east is from the west" if he is staying in North America.  I am most excited for him.

Off for breakfast and a nice visit with my husband over a cup of orange Tazo tea. Then the serious packing up of the rest of our stuff begins. As far as weather, it is one beautiful day in the neighbourhood and it appears we should be a day or two ahead of the forecast rains along the way!!

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