Friday, June 16, 2017

If I Was Any More Laid Back Myself Today, I'd Be Dead!!!!

After a good day of errands, shopping, laundry and what-have-you yesterday, today has been a complete washout!! Guess I tired myself out somehow.  While I am grateful to God for such a do nothing sort of day today on the one hand, on the other, I pray this is not going to continue tomorrow!!  

Here is what my day consisted of:
-waking up at 8:30am ( I DO NOT SLEEP IN...EVER!! So, why today??)
-moseying downstairs to put breakfast together at 9am 
-a complete and total blank from 9:30am to 11am. I remember nothing about this time period.  I am fully dressed so it must have happened at that point in the day.
-computer part shopping with my husband from 11am until 12:30pm. I was not actually doing the shopping or even the browsing.  I was sitting in our vehicle outside in the parking lot reading a book!  I DO NOT READ BOOKS DURING THE DAY AND ESPECIALLY NOT WHILE WAITING WHILE MY HUSBAND DIPSY DOODLES AROUND IN COMPUTER STORES!!) We only went to one store and the reason it took so long is because of all the street closures for road repair and construction.  hahaha  We drove around and around and around, going miles out of our way to reach the store...CRAZY!
-heating up and eating lunch from 12:45pm until 1:30pm.  My husband made 2 huge batches of soup yesterday, one very thick with chicken and more like a stew and one Indian spiced veggie curry soup that is equally delicious. Way to go husband!
-getting some mail prepared for sending, doing dishes and washing the kitchen floor, dusting the most obvious fluffy bunnies off the darkest of the furnture pieces and the computers from 1:30pm until 2:30pm.
-napping on the living room sofa from 2:30pm until 3:30pm and waking up feeling like I wanted to die from fuzzy head and nausea tummy, just like always when I stupidly think I can have a nap during the day and wake up feeling refreshed.  What on earth made me think a daytime nap would result in feeling anything but lousy today???
-climbing back into the car, book in hand once again, to accompany my husband on a drive to another computer store so he could purchase a couple of more parts to get one of his older models working, I most certainly do not know why.......from 3:45pm until 4:30pm.  Once again I was not in the store with him, just sitting in the car reading the same book...maybe the same chapter for all my  memory is working today.  Sigh........

Now I am blithering on about nothing important here on this blog while my husband sits in his office tinkering with his old computer in a desperate and now expensive attempt to get the dumb thing to work again. I am trying to keep my eyelids from fluttering shut.  NO MORE DAYTIME NAPPING!!  What is wrong with me today?  My husband is just as bad. He looks exhausted, feels sleepy and wretched and I don't think the barometric pressure today is assisting either of us to feel well or motivated or generally alive at all!!

Actually, I think the fact that we are on holidays with no committments to anyone or anything for the next 7 days is starting to hit us.  My husband's job is brutally stressful and that stress of course comes home with him each day and slops over onto me.  I have some stresses of my own right now that are effecting both of us subconsciously.  Our bodies and minds are letting go of months of accummulated of today....yawn....... 

So, again I thank God for giving us this day of let down, but I sure do hope we are getting over the worst of the blah's today and that tomorrow we can get motivated to get something accomplished around here once again.  When a few hours of making soup, laundry and ironing and running a few errands one day makes us this incompetent and miserable the next day...good grief, is that old age thing creeping up on us again????  YIKES!!!

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