Thursday, June 1, 2017

Noise Pollution

It is just coming up to 10am and all ready my ears are ringing from the various noises outside.  

I woke up 15 minutes before the alarm rang this morning as there was a half ton truck parked in the bus zone outside my bedroom window, radio blaring.  At least I didn't have to wait for the clock radio to come on beside my bed to find out the latest news bulletins!

At 6:50am I was driving to a restaurant with my husband and a visiting clergy colleague for a delicious breakfast and visit.  Outside in the restaurant parking lot there was a pavement crew jackhammering up some of the lot for repairs.  Sigh....  Okay, it wasn't all that loud because it was on the side farthest away from the restaurant windows, but when my "uber hearing" is working (is it part of the whole OCD hassle?) I don't miss much and by the time we left the restaurant my whole body was vibrating.  It didn't seem to bother my husband or our friend even a little bit.

After breakfast we drove to the office to pick up some items to be used at a clergy day.  There were so many large items there wasn't room for three to ride in our vehicle so I decided to walk home.  After eating too many slices of flax bread at breakfast I certainly did need the just tasted SO darned good and I haven't had flax bread in over  a year.  I ordered it dry and it came soaked in butter....cholesterol definitely a walk was required after eating it!

I took a detour from the office down a back alley in order to stop in at the grocery store for a couple of items, also with the idea that it would prolong my exercise time.  In the alley there was a delivery truck that sounded like it was gasping out its last mechanical "breath" and spewing gasoline fumes.  Pooey!!!  Blecch!!!  I walked past it as quickly as I could but I could still hear it two blocks farther away.

Inside the grocery store one of the maintenance staff was mopping up a big spill.  There was nowhere in that small store to escape the creaking of the metal mop wringer every time he squeezed the water out of it.  My teeth felt like they were gritty from biting together too hard every time the wringer was used.

Dodging tent caterpillers and goose poop and screeching kids running races up and down the sidewalk while awaiting the school buses to pick them up, I finally approached the relative quiet of my own suite.  I forgot though that today is water line repair day.  Out in the parking lot directly behind our suite there were and still are four huge trucks, one carrying a small crane on the back.  Between the constantly running trucks and various pieces of drain cleaning and repair equipment I am nearly around the bend from the noise.  It is like adding insult to injury on top of not being able to use the taps or flush the toilets all day.

I am sitting at my computer, the space farthest away from the parking lot noise...not that it is very far or a very effective noise blocker, but it does help a bit.  It would be even more relaxing if the sprinkler system outside the front windows was not also spewing out water in short, noisy, annoying bursts in preparation for the its cleaning and repair this afternoon.

It is just one of those particularly noisy days and one of my own days of experiencing the annoyances that can accompany constant noise. No biggie, just a nuisance.


Susan Erlenbach said...

Your way of telling the story always makes me laugh😆

Susan said...

It is amazing how hilarious every day things can be if you can see the humour. There is almost always some to be had, no embellishing of the story necessary, just a perspective that is geared toward the fun in life. Glad I can give you a giggle now and then as you read.