Monday, June 26, 2017


Nice to be back in a larger city with WiFi connections everywhere....yay Edmonton!

What a glorious, hot, wind free summer day. I am so used to the constant winds in southern Saskatchewan that for awhile after our arrival here this afternoon I couldn't figure out why I was enjoying being outside in our relative's back yard so very much. Then I realized it was because the air was still. What a calming scenario: outside in the warm sun with nary the slightest breeze to contend with...a true delight.

We had a great weekend visiting friends. The first couple has just returned from gorgeous, green, historic Croatia, as well as a small boat cruise through the Greek islands. They put together an amazing collection of digital photos and video clips that have us quite determined to travel to Croatia before many more western tourists discover the beauty of the place.

Next we attended a 50th wedding a Smitty's restaurant....yes...a Smitty's...hahaha! Although our group had a separate room in which to hold the party, we all had to get in line with the other patrons of the place to access the buffet. It was hysterically funny watching the other customers eyeing the buffet table with ill concealed concern as our group of 50 swarmed the food warming trays, loading our plates, and looking as if our small army was going to strip them bare and leave everyone else to starve. hahaha Yes, the food was terrible, but I have to say that the group of old friends we were with fit into the place so well and enjoyed the meal so much we didn't care about the food quality. We had a ton of fun reacquainting ourselves with people we had not seen in nearly 20 years.

After the banquet we drove a half hour into the countryside to spend the rest of the weekend with members of my husband's second family. We feasted together, we enjoyed a church service together, we talked and talked about all manner of topics, three of their kids and other extended family members arrived Sunday evening to spend time with us and it was a most special time together.

We took our time travelling on to Edmonton this morning, stopping in Leduc for the best fish tacos and spicy chicken/Italian sausage pasta we have had in a very long time. Thank you Kosovo's restaurant for fabulous food and exceptional service.

The rest of the day was spent feasting and visiting with my husband's sister and her husband. My diet went right out the window as I sated myself with German potato salad, greens with white balsamic vinegar and uzu, fresh Hutterite grown, beer can bbq'd chicken stuffed with fresh garlic and ginger and well rubbed with cumin and paprika, cucumber and beet pickles, with a ricotta and raspberry mousse for dessert! We had all ready indulged in rice/bean chips and pecan rice crackers dipped in freshly prepared hummus, as well as far too many huge black olives! What a feast! My husband's sister could have been a professional chef in another life!

Now it is nearly 11pm and tornado force winds are forcing us to close and "batten down" windows and doors in order to be prepared for a possible severe storm. The severe storm watch has upgraded to a warning, so I think I will go now and spend some time in prayer for the safety of the city of Edmonton and the surrounding area. So much for our windless day! Talk about an abrupt end to the stillness!

Holidays...never a dull moment! Yippee!

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