Sunday, June 4, 2017

Summer Heat

Today was a happy day! We had a great sleep last night in our cute old hotel, so woke up ready for anything.

Church with our former parishioners was a lot of fun! We felt missed and loved. It was quite lovely. The temperature soared to almost +34C, but the church, stores, motel room and restaurant where a dear couple of friends took us for dinner tonight all had air conditioning so we were comfy all day long.

I am chuckling at my dear husband who flatly refuses to shop at WalMart ever!!!, and who today wandered over there with me, in the absence of any other open retail venues, and bought what seemed to be half the stock in the store! It was hilarious! Crammed into the all ready overcrowded storage in our car are: a towel bar, the style of which he looked for all over Regina for several days last month and could not find, (he should have looked in our local WalMart, right? teehee), the exact two pound weight our own Canadian Tire store has had out of stock for the past six weeks and is not carried by any of our local WalMarts, (I know because I looked!), bags of potato chips, Merci chocolates, snicker doodles, plastic cereal bowls to replace the ones he forgot at home this trip, (twice as many in fact than we will ever need to use on any trip!), computer cables and cords, and bags of men's underwear! I am killing myself laughing as I am writing this. My idealist anti-WalMart husband finally entered one in desperation for some entertainment and went buying spree crazy!! hahahaha hahahaha!!!!!!! Love. It.

The rain which will decorate the remainder of our journey is about to begin....rainy season on the prairies.....true to form. Glad we checked the long term forecasts so rigorously before leaving home, relieving our suitcases of our shorts and tee shirts and repacking them with light, full length jeans and proper, sturdy cotton shirts. Our outerwear rain gear is packed in the back seat of the car all ready for wearing as soon as we need it.

My husband's holiday begins officially in the morning....waiting to actually start after he sends in a report to the Bishop before the Bishop flies out the following day to a conference in Africa....oh, and some insurance info that needs to be emailed right away for a priest on medical leave....oh, and one more work related email that MUST be sent out immediately as well.   Sigh.... My plan to get to Calgary by noon tomorrow has completely collapsed! News to those of you who know us well....right??? hahahaha

So, onward and westward after hopefully a second good night's sleep. Or not...... There are NO dogs permitted on the premises here and the fine for any guest found harbouring one of the yapping, slobbering creatures is astronomical! I suspect that is because the manager, who lives onsite just down the hall from our room, has the yappiest, slobberingest, nastiest little dog on the planet harboured in his very own suite and wants to avoid the possibility of dog wars erupting around here. As long as said yappy slobberer doesn't make a similar ruckus overnight tonight as it made ALL afternoon today, preventing my shopping exhausted husband from getting his nap, all will be well overnight!

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