Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Elderly and the Restless

Feelin' great today!  What an improvement over yesterday's exhaustion! Praise the Lord for energy!!! My husband is also much improved.  He realized this morning it has been over a month since his last Vitamin B injection so he will rectify that at bedtime tonight. By Monday he should be brimming with energy once again.  When we were away he simply forgot to take his treatment.  What a life saver Vitamin B injections have been for coping with the stress of his present job and when CFS symptoms threaten to recur.

The only downside of the return of my energy is that it is Saturday, a bad day to go shopping or exploring due to crowds in the stores and it has been pouring rain all day, making outdoor walking unpleasant to say the least.

However, having restored energy also means I have been feeling antsy and wanting to "get a wiggle on", as my mother used to say when I was a little girl.  

So, early this morning I decided it was worth braving the grocery store crowds for the sake of getting out and moving around.  A friend of my husband's came over so they could discuss plans for the annual canoe trip in August, pore over maps of the area and generally have a wonderful time of guy camping talk!  What a perfect time for me to go out!!

The rain kept a lot of shoppers at home this morning apparently, so I had a nice time ambling about our little neighbourhood grocery, looking for some new products to try for meals.  Not a lot of success on that front, but did get most of the things I needed.  One thing I could not get was any PC Black Label pasta sauce.  All that was left was a jar or two of marinara sauce and it is far too full of saturated fats for us to enjoy.  

It was good to get out.  After lunch the rain continued to teem and I was content to put in a load of laundry for a short activity, but my contentment didn't last for long.  Off I went to the new Real Canadian Superstore on Albert Street.  I expected the parking lot and the store to be packed with cars and shoppers, but once again the rain may have kept the crowd thinned out.  It was most pleasant.  To wear off some pent up energy I marched up and down every aisle in the store....also in hopes I would spot some of the PC Black Label pasta sauce, but this store didn't have any either. I settled for some of that brand's cherry wine jelly and basil infused olive oil.  I also found some spinach and ricotta "stuffed", (not exactly, but there is at least some spinach and ricotta visible inside the pasta), PC Cannelloni to add into our dinner tonight.  I thawed a carton of my home made veggie pasta sauce and have a couple of flayed chicken breasts, so I think with a salad that will be a nice dinner combination with minimal work and cooking time.  For some reason I totally resent cooking and meal planning when we are on holidays.  I don't mind doing dishes or cleaning house or doing laundry, but the food prep, not so much. 

I also found the black mustard seeds my husband has been asking for so he can make some of his delicious cabbage salad Indian style, plus a plethora of water flavour drops on sale.  On the sale rack in the kitchen appliances section of the store I found some large china dinner plates for $3.49 each.  I have slowly been replacing my grandma's old, REALLY old, china dinner plates over the past month as the finish is nearly worn off them and they are getting pretty ugly to look at after 4 or 5 years of constant use after sitting in a missionary barrel in Nigeria for nearly 40 years. hahaha Not sure why my grandparents thought my career missionary auntie was going to have use for 8 place settings of bone china dinnerwear, but there you have it.  Sitting in a stack, unused all those years and being hauled back and forth across the ocean wreaked havoc on the glaze, so despite them being nearly new when we got them, they weren't in the best condition.  It has been fun using them, but the time has come to let them go.  So, now we have 2 blue psychadelic coloured plates and 2 brown/red psychadelic plates and 2 blue and black Japanese plates I found in the thrift store a couple of days ago for a total price of $2.99.  I have a lovely set of pottery dinner plates that actually match each other for when we have company, but my husband and I decided we would enjoy having some fun with the every day dishes only we ourselves use. So, nothing has to is the Japanese way.  haha

While we were in Lethbridge last weekend we stopped in at Ten Thousand Villages and I purchased a very pretty leather ring. I've been wearing it today. It is blue and green and fits on my thumb.  I quite like it sitting there.  It is flat and unobtrusive and feels like it was made for a thumb to wear! My short stubby fingers, with their short stubby nails, are not made to wear beautiful rings, so I have a nice collection of thumb rings, toe rings that look great on my fingers instead and some narrow teaspoon rings.  I have fun with rings since I don't wear earrings very often any more and I don't have many necklaces or broaches.  I don't wear my scarves as often as I did now that I have lost enough weight not to need a neck covering every time I leave the house, so the necklaces are getting more wear.  I never wore any jewellery most of my life and have no cause to wear anything expensive, so why not have some fun with costume jewellery for awhile, before I get too old and senile to care?  

My husband has now attached the little white towel bar he bought at the Kindersley WalMart to the end of my kitchen island closest to the sink and what a great help. The towel hooks that were all ready on the unit were at the other end of it, leaving them pushed up against the wall and due to the location of the built in drawers I haven't been able to swing the unit around the other way. The island is also painted white so the rack looks like it was part of the original package.  Perfect!!

We heard mice again a couple of nights ago in the attic space above the bedrooms, so yesterday we picked up some "death pellets" and put them on a plate up there.  My husband also set 2 traps.  I suspect it will be a couple of days, maybe more, before they are up there again as they weren't there consistently before we left on holidays, just once a week or so.  Glad to have the pellets, as well as a good ladder so my husband can easily access the attic.  He is hoping to trap it or them before a colony gets established up there and then leave pellets in place the rest of the time we live here to get any newcomers.  Mice.....eek!  I am SUCH an inner city type of "kid".  We did not have mice anywhere I lived growing up.  If there were any around our neighbourhoods, either the neighbours' cats found them or else they knew how to stay out of sight of people.  The first time I lived anywhere I had to set traps was right after we were married.  Freaked me right out, yes it did!  To be honest I am more concerned here that it could be a rat up there in the attic.  There seem to be quite a few here since I have seen more here than I have ever seen in my life!!  Apparently when we lived in Kindersley there were a fair number of rats, but I only ever saw one and it was running down the highway quite far out of town.  Gleep...RATS!!  Blah! Mice scare me, rats terrify me!!!!!!

Talked to my mom yesterday. She got some test results back from the doctor and for the most part they are excellent, nearly unbelievably so for a woman about to turn 90 years old.  Her kidney function has even improved in recent months. Wow!  Like dad, she also has some evidence of asbestos in one lung, but it isn't bothering either of them at this time.  The only big surprise is that she has bad osteoporosis. She had a bone densitometry about six years ago and was fine, so the loss of bone density in that short period of time is quite a shock.  Her wonderful new doctor is going to apply for coverage for an annual injection similar to the one I am taking to try to get it under control. She has decided if the government medical department will not allow her to be subsidized she isn't going to bother, but I think that is a mistake.  I am going to see her at the end of next week and see if I can convince her to get it anyway.  I can help her financially.  I just don't think she realizes the trauma that comes with a broken bone like a hip or ankle or rib.  At her age she could easily break a hip in a fall and end up getting pneumonia while in hospital recovering.  In that case it could be game over very quickly for her. Just this week that very thing happened to one of her friends. The funeral is next week.  Please pray she will listen to reason when I talk to her. I know dad will back me up as he has all ready had so many broken bones and spinal fractures.  He has suffered even more than I have from this horrible disease and I can't bear the thought of mom starting down the same path at her age.

Well, I think I am going to spend some time playing a computer game before it is time to make dinner.  I have been having better success with the Jewel Quest games of late, so better enjoy it until I reach the next levels that are too difficult for me to complete easily. A gamer I will never be! teehe!!

Happy weekend everyone!

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