Monday, June 19, 2017

The Return to Joy!

It seems whatever was bothering us over the past few days has completely dissipated and life is good once again.  Just left over pre-holiday exhaustion and stress getting to us, I am sure.

This morning we had fun running errands.  The computer clinic was able to get my husband's computer running again and fix him up with some replacement parts it needed so that was good.  Since a pharmacy is only a block away from that store, I ambled over there to pick up some needed items and had fun gawking at some of the newer cosmetic products just for fun.

My husband has a wonderful ability to turn such mundane tasks into a quasi-date, a super gift to have, so we decided on a whim to try out a rather dumpy looking restaurant in the north end called Classic Buffet.  The name and the outside look of the place made me think of other such buffets we have tried in olden times; somewhat scruffy decor, truly dreadful food, iffy clientele and table servers who think "youse" is an actual word.  Today we had a pleasant surprise. The food was simple, basic, as expected, but it was amazingly tasty.  There was the usual plethora of fried foods that we stayed mostly away from, except for a taste of the liver and onions that was one delish dish, but the other fried foods were easy to avoid because there was an ample salad bar selection, mashed potatoes as well as fries, beautifully roasted hip of beef that was tender and not overcooked, pizza and lasagna and chili that had some kick in the herbal blends used in their cooking...most unusual for the Saskatchewan basic "home style" menu....the desserts were pretty mundane: iced cream and cones, brownies, assorted gooey cakes and starchy looking puddings, but since we aren't eating desserts much right now we didn't care.  There were not quite enough cooked veggies, typical for here we have discovered, but with the good salad choices and the amount of cooked celery, onions, mushrooms, carrots, corn niblets and tomatoes in the pasta sauces and chili, we couldn't complain that much! hahaha  All in all it was a pleasant surprise.  We didn't try the veggie rice mix or the spaghetti and we stayed away from the fried gyozas and  potato wedges, the gravy and creamy sauces, but what we did eat was filling and delicious.  Definitely we will return there next time we are of a mind to "eat hearty" and enjoy some prairie style foods.  The restaurant itself was very clean, brightly lit without the huge overhead panel lights that seem to haunt many large buffets and the wait staff was efficient and extremely polite.  Yeah....a good meal for $12.25 a person plus drinks and taxes.  We ate a huge lunch for under $30!  My kind of cost!! hahaha We ran into a couple there who are parishioners of our denomination in another town where we presented a Spiritual Fitness seminar this winter.  They said the parish is hoping we will return soon to do another one and are just waiting for my husband's holidays to be over so they can contact him to set up a date.  That is happy news for us. 

We had a relaxing afternoon napping and getting a hotel booked in Medicine Hat for our first night away on the next leg of our holiday jaunt.  My husband is hoping to stop into Swift Current for lunch along the way and enjoy the company of one of his colleagues.  I don't care what we do, I am so relieved we don't have to push through all the way to Calgary in one day.  There is no point starting off completely weary by the end of the very first day!

Tomorrow my husband is going to work for the day.  It has to be done to handle an unexpected situation that arose and that needs immediate attention by himself.  That is okay. He will relax if he can get some work cleared up before we go again. I will start getting packed up to go.  It will be nice to have a few days to do that so I can make choices of what to take, change my mind a half dozen times and end up tossing everything into my suitcase willy nilly anyway at the last second, regardless of having had all that extra time! hahaha

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