Sunday, June 18, 2017

There! That's MUUUUUCH Better!!!

As my husband just said to me, quoting from the old Zero Mostel musical
"It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World", "We've had enough 'appalling', now it's time for 'something appealing'....or at least mediocre!" hahaha

So, this afternoon we decided to visit a different church body, the local branch of Via Apostolica that meets in our own denomination's St. Matthew's church building.  It was just what we needed today. While it was tempting to feel completely out of place with a congregation composed entirely of young families, we received at least some kind of welcome from those of them who have been socialized to the point of not being afraid to talk to the more elderly who appear unexpectedly among them. The minister and his wife were certainly welcoming and we had a most uplifting time of worship, then receiving the Eucharist and teaching ministry. 

I enjoyed pastor Nico's sermon very much.  The church calendar year has just entered the season of Ordinary Time. Basically Ordinary Time is the second half of the church year which begins in Advent and continues on through the Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter and Pentecost seasons that tell the story of the life and ministry of Christ.  Now, in Ordinary Season it is time for believers to explore where their lives fit into Christ's life and ministry.

The sermon was a good reminder that God meets us in our ordinary fact being ordinary, wounded, sinful and scarred, is actually kind of a prerequisite for being able to see and experience God's forgiveness and experiencing his meeting us in those very places we feel the most useless and least special.  The recognition that we are indeed not sufficient in ourselves to accomplish the mission of God is the exact spot where God is able to step in and work his Kingdom through us to the rest of the world.  

Since I have been feeling useless and blaaaaah for some time now it was a most needed and excellent reminder that God isn't asking me to strive on my own to be less "ordinary", but to take those very areas of my presently boring life and let him meet me there to make the kind of transformation necessary to get me going once again in my somewhat stagnant spiritual life.  What a blessing to hear that idea once again today. I certainly did need a BIG reminder of that.

So, my husband and I are both feeling a lot better for having obeyed that "still small voice" that told us we should attend that service today after sleeping in too late to attend our own denominational services earlier this morning.

Despite the struggle with the music it was still fun to learn some new songs...the struggle coming from my problem with worship band music that is more preferable for a meditative band presentation than congregational singalong, but that is okay I think for the younger generations who are used to it and do not have much background in church music history.  It would also have been more conducive to my opinion and only my opinion...if the two beautiful and sincere gal singers had been less harsh in their vocal presentation.  I find it difficult to worship unhindered when I want to stuff cotton in my ears to protect my hearing! hahahaha YES, I know my age is showing, hahahahaha.  However, it was still fun to sing along.  The choruses are all so similar it is easy to pick them up immediately so that is a plus fer shur! 

After we arrived home to a nice Fathers' Day email from our son, my husband went online and discovered a film on over at the IMAX he wants to see. So, in less than an hour we will have a movie date, followed perhaps by dinner out.  It is wonderful to see my husband also feeling better physically and mentally today.  He has certainly picked up since he took his Vitamin B injection last night and will likely be even more perky by tomorrow. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly that injection works for him. Thank you Lord!  

Whatever doom and gloom seems to have been hanging over our heads has disbanded since this morning.  We had a long time of prayer together this morning and the weight started to lift.  We are not sure what caused our feelings of woe....well, we do understand the combination of irritating circumstances, but we don't understand why the depression seemed to be so deep and heartfelt in such a short time for so many days.  Wierd!

Onward and the IMAX we go!!!!! Hopefully we can walk over there, just like we had a great walk to and from the church this afternoon, but the rain is theatening once again.

Please shoot up a prayer for our son.  He has a terrible cold right at the busiest time of getting ready for his move.  Getting a cold seems to be his body's way of telling him he is not getting enough rest in the midst of stressful busyness. Thanks! 

I am going to try to remember the summer theme of the Via Apostolica congregation:  Ordinary People with an Extra Ordinary God in Ordinary Times!

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