Tuesday, June 13, 2017

To Add Insult To Injury.....

....we discovered the newest city phone book sitting outside our door this morning.  How long it has been there we do not know, but it is a victim of the complex sprinkler system.  The poor thing was soaked completely through at some point while we were away as it sat on our deck minding its own business.  What a scraggly, wavy paged mess!

With the finding of that ruined book our return home has reached "ludicrous speed" and we are laughing pretty hard about everything that has happened in the past 14 hours.  There comes a point when laughter truly is the best medicine.  

My husband made the courageous decision this morning to leave his tax problems over to this afternoon sometime and is prepared to spend all day tomorrow attempting to locate someone from Revenue Canada who can help him sort this mess out.  My dad was eventually successful when he had to contact them a couple of weeks ago over what would have been a real financial disaster for him if the error one of their people made had not been challenged and reversed, so we know it is possible to get help.  Since we only have about ten days before this unexpected payment is due, if my husband does actually owe the money for some reason, he wants it all dealt with by the end of this week.  For now though he is taking a well deserved rest, complete with sleeping in and a nice breakfast and some computer games. Good on him!

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