Sunday, June 18, 2017

Travel....YEAH! Good Movies...Double YEAH!

In a few days we will be hitting the road once again for the next set of travels.  Just knowing we get to see more friends and my husband's sister and her husband is adding to our restored sense of cheer.  We have decided we are just not very good at staying home when we are on a holiday break.  Twice now we have tried "stay-cations", the first time was about three years ago, and both have been absolute disasters for one reason and another.

Simply getting out and about for a decent walk, some church worship, followed by an enjoyable IMAX production, ("Dreaming Big"...all about present day structural engineering,fascinating to watch), we were then content to come home for dinner.  A nice glass of red wine accompanied our cannelloni and turkey breast leftovers and I made a rather terrific salad, if I do say so myself. teehee

The other cheery event was watching the movie, "The Grand Budapest Hotel".  HILARIOUS and filled with the most amazing cinematography!  O how we enjoyed it.  It is complete nonsense, but so well acted and scripted. The sets are amazing. It stars Ralph Fiennes and features cameos by practically every actor there is! It is definitely a movie for adults, not children!  Wes Anderson is a spectacular director of dead pan comedies. We can see why this one won so many international film awards in 2015.  What a fun way to wrap up the day!   

What a relief to be feeling better emotionally..have no idea why we have been feeling so blue over the past few days, but very glad whatever it was seems to have passed.


Susan Erlenbach said...

May this be a week of awesome blessings!

Susan said...

Thank you dear friend!