Monday, June 12, 2017

Welcome Home? Not Exactly!!

I will write more soon about our actual trip, but for now we are exhausted, a little bit upset and wondering why nothing is ever simple during what is supposed to be a relaxing holiday time.  Sigh...

We unloaded our vehicle quickly once we arrived home tonight after a quick stop at the grocery store for some basics, we dropped everything in the kitchen, pulled open a small drawer beside the dishwasher and discovered mouse droppings inside. We found more under the sink and a couple on the kitchen floor. Aaaaaarrrrgh! Although nothing in the drawer or under the sink had been chewed or shredded, to be on the safe side we threw all the items from both places into the big loss really. The more important drawers and cupboards showed no evidence of mice. The mouse evidence we discovered seemed limited to one of the creatures, so I suppose that is a blessing, right?

In the process of disinfecting cupboards and drawers, repairing the broken backboard under the sink, stuffing massive amounts of steel wool into all possible entry holes and packing steel wool around the dishwasher and setting the mouse traps that I spent more than an hour driving around the city trying to find at a time when most of the stores that might sell traps were closing for the night, we forgot to eat dinner. Imagine my blood sugar numbers after waiting nearly nine hours between lunch and dinner! Eek!

We finally got dinner onto some plates and sat down to open our week's worth of mail. The first two letters we opened were our tax assessments and discovered my husband's assessment from Revenue Canada for nearly seven hundred dollars....that HE owes THEM!!!! Whaaaaaaa??????? Are you kidding me? Obviously something is very wrong and tomorrow he has to get in touch with the tax department and get it straightened out.....on his first day at home this holiday....the first day with no commitment to anyone or anything, the first day that was to be completely stress free! Aaaaaargh!

So, tomorrow will be an interesting day to say the least. For now we are rolling our exhausted selves into bed, praying we can accomplish what unexpectedly needs to be accomplished tomorrow!
Lord, give us patience and strength to face these little life challenges. Amen!

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