Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Why O Why Are Farewells Sooo Difficult?

Our son called us a few minutes ago...here at his auntie's house. It was nearly 11pm, so I do admit to being tired out after a busy day, but the second I heard his voice over the speaker phone I came frighteningly close to bursting into tears as I realized this may be the last time we hear his voice before he flies south on Saturday.  Sigh...once a mom, always a mom, no matter his age. I am going to miss him desperately. Usually all I feel is the excitement associated with his new adventures, but tonight, not so much.....

The rest of our day was a great deal of fun.

Sleeping in was a joy, since the heat of the day previously carried on until after midnight, at which time a cooling wind storm blew into the city. We were fine here in the south west, but power was knocked out to the downtown area and the areas farther north sustained a fair amount of damage. Today was chilly and windy with periods of intense sunshine between short bursts of rain.

After a couple of hours of visiting we headed out for a short shopping trip to Costco to get the bags of dried fruit my husband needs for the August canoe trip, followed by an expensive but delicious lunch at a Vietnamese pho restaurant.

In the later afternoon we went for a long walk on the trails along the White Mud Creek. Edmonton is a particularly beautiful Alberta city because of all the big trees and bush the city has retained along its waterways. I grew up in Calgary, much more of a prairie city that never did have the natural treed parklands Edmonton has managed to preserve. The squirrels along the trails kept us highly amused and it was lovely for my husband to see muskrats swimming in the creek. The whole area revived good memories of his north central Alberta childhood.

This evening we went shopping for Indian teas in one of the exclusively Indian strip malls in the south end. Then we met up with two other family members at the Little India restaurant on 34th. The buffet was the best I have been to in awhile, with more hotly spiced dishes than I am usually blessed with at such places. What a huge selection of dishes. It was really delicious!

We came home after dinner to watch a documentary about Jewish comedians "now and then". There were many interviews with Jewish comedians of the past few eras and some of the jokes they told were hilarious! We enjoyed hearing the comments of some of the old "greats" like Shelley Berman, Rodney Dangerfield, Norm Crosby, Jack Carter and Henny Youngman. Newer comics like HowienMandel were also interviewed. All of them shared what they felt the differences are in Jewish humour since the turn of the last century. It was quite interesting.

Tomorrow there is some more canoe trip shopping in the morning before an Italian lunch out at "Tony's",  leftovers  for dinner and an evening at a live theatre production.

Then, suddenly it will be time to leave. On Thursday morning we are heading to Dayton Valley for an early breakfast with dear, dear old friends before starting a meandering path home. We may make it home by Thursday evening....or perhaps not until Friday evening...who knows? Wandering aimlessly about the prairies for a day or two before my husband has to return to work is a good idea!

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