Wednesday, July 26, 2017

10pm....the Work Day is Done!

I didn't take time to check but I suspect our daytime high was actually closer to +30somethingC than the predicted high of +27C.  Perhaps the complete absence of our usual prairie winds and breezes made it feel hotter outside than it actually was.  I don't know, but when I took out the garbage and recycling to their respective bins in the parking lot, mid-afternoon, I was very happy to retreat inside the suite once again.  It didn't cool down much last night and perhaps that same problem will occur tonight as well.  I have the windows open, the big floor fan running and at least I may get some decent sleep tonight after a day of laundry and ironing that just wrapped up a few minutes ago.  

I don't remember the last time I was able to complete the washing, drying, folding, putting away and ALL the ironing in a day.  I had over 25 items that could not go into the dryer today, so I hung them all up in the library to dry on that big walking pole I mentioned in an earlier post.  It is so dry in here that 16 of the items were completely dry and ready for ironing in less than three hours, so I got moving and completed the job by dinnertime.  Ironing in the heat is tiring, I have to say.  After supper I looked at the remaining items to be ironed and decided I was too tired and overwarm to do them tonight, but by 8:45pm I realized I couldn't face more ironing on the even hotter day that tomorrow is supposed to be.  So, just before 9am I was at it again.  Now the whole job is finished, completed, finis, at an end, done!!  YES!!  I won't have to face that task for at least another whole week!  YES AGAIN!!  Wow, we go through a lot of clothes in the hot summers!  The idea of wearing anything for 2 days in a row is completely unrealistic at these temperatures.  

My husband spent the evening working in the cool of the basement. He has a set of computers down there that are linked to his upstairs machines, so he can work on every project at either station.  His powerpoint presentation for his next class presentation is nearly completed after tonight's work.  Now if he can just get the actual verbal and written presentations the way he wants them all will be well.

Racing up and down our two flights of stairs today was great exercise.  That is the joy of laundry day.  Standing up for several hours ironing was also really good for me.  To be able to do such things again after years of phyical inability and mental sloth leaves me nearly giddy!

Yesterday after I submitted my prescription at the pharmacy I decided to test my blood pressure since I had more or less power walked my way about 2km from the doctor's office.  I wanted to see how I am doing with the old BP when I have more strenuous exercise.  Sure enough, it was elevated: 140/69. That is very high for me, shouldn't be more than 130, although that top number is not so bad combined with the lower one that was still well under the acceptable 80. I waited for a full two minutes while just sitting in a chair and watching the people shopping in the store.  My next reading was in my more usual range: 107/40.  Yup, more like it should be. I tested it again 2 minutes later before heading for home and it was about the same.  I have always had rather low blood pressure so when I was diagnosed with diabetes and my BP was testing at 150/90 and 153/108 I knew something was very wrong even before I received the diabetic diagnosis.  With my heart murmur there is a lot of danger with those high readings. As I age I will have to watch my BP closely so that it doesn't get any lower than the present averages either.  If I pass out I could land on the ground and break more bones!  Aiiii much to think about when I let myself, but I don't let myself very often!

I was very conscious today during my many times of prayer while folding clothes and ironing, that God was allowing me to feel very wrapped in his love, very protected, very cared for.  My husband was particularly demonstrative of the love of God as well as we talked this evening.  He is a good man.  I am blessed beyond measure to have him in my life.  It is rather emotionally painful to see him aging just like I am, to see him having to curtail some of his favourite activities because he is no longer as capable of doing them, to see him getting tired out after long days at work and concerned about certain things that never used to bother him, to see little traces of forgetfulness about all manner of things, just like me.  He feels the same pain watching me age as well.  We are both so grateful to still be together.  When death comes to one or the other of us, the one left behind is going to have a very tough time accepting it.  That is true for most couples I am sure, but we talked about it tonight and the reality that one of us could be facing such a senario sooner than planned is one we need to be preparing for more effectively than either of us has been thus far.  

My husband and I spend a lot of time simply chatting.  It is comfy and reassuring and fun!

So, another day of good household accomplishments. Tomorrow is pay day, so there will be a lot of racing about doing banking errands and grocery shopping.  I have to remember to pick up what I need for the salad I am supposed to be taking to the picnic at dinnertime.  So glad I don't have to turn on the oven tomorrow to cook anything.  We have enough leftovers in the freezer that we shouldn't have to cook for at least the next couple of days.  YAY!  Sunday evening we are heading to Moose Jaw to the home of some friends so I am going to seek out some kind of special gourmet food treat to take along just for fun.  They are a great pair and we are excited to be able to visit them once again.

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