Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Full Day Off??? Pipe Dreamin'!

My husband was pretty thrashed today and looking forward to having a full day off with no committments whatsoever so he could recover in time to go into work tomorrow feeling on top of the world.  

Not QUITE meant to be, hahahahaha.  All was well until 9:30am and at least he was awake and fed when the phone rang for him.  It was a caller in need of his immediate services for last rites for an elderly woman who became "ill unto death" most surprsingly and very quickly. So, off my husband went to perform this most sacred of rites before the passing of her soul into glory.  I am so happy he was home to get the call and be able to assist the family.

Once he got home he loaded a carry bag with used books and we wandered over the the Curling Club to drop them off to be sorted for the Lifelong Learning book sale that will happen at the end of August.  Then we took off on a long walk all the way down Broadway Avenue from the curling club to the intersection at Park so we could try out a little diner called "Simply Delicious" for a bite of lunch.  We were the first customers to arrive, just after noon, but we weren't the last. By 12:30pm every table but one was full of hungry customers.  The food was certainly not spectacular, but it was hearty, flavourful and adequate for a very low price.  The young fellow serving the tables was efficient, but didn't hover asking us a dozen times if we needed anything or if we were happy with the food...I get so tired of that now standard line, "So, how are the first bites tasting?"  How do you think they are tasting dearie as they only arrived 30 seconds ago and have barely made it from my fork to my mouth and believe me, if they are not tasting good I will definitely let you know, now go away and let me eat!! The young fellow at Simply Delicious was excellent at noticing when we needed refills on our drinks, remembered to give us tableware and ask us which condiments we wanted for our "breakfasty" meals.  It is a cute little neighbourhood diner and apparently the most filled with customers of any restaurant in Regina on a Monday noon hour!  If we hadn't left when we did another group of people would have had to wait for a table.  Then, tummies bulging, we walked home again. The round trip was 7km so that was a good workout for my husband. I am dragging with me on as many walks as possible to help him shape up for the 2 outdoor trips next month. The temperatures were cooler today and a stiff breeze kept us comfortable for the long walk.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening preparing the veggies and herbs I purchased at Saturday's Farmers' Market: some for drying and storing and others for more immediate  use. I just put away a freshly cooled batch of pasta sauce that tastes scrumptious with the fresh Italian parsley, yellow beans and carrots.  We ate a LOT of baby spinach leaves with our dinner this evening...so good!

A cousin called me this afternoon and we had a nice chat.  We aren't in touch a lot so that makes any conversation more special.  He is living with permanent Atrial Fibrillation now after many visits to the operating room over the past 20 years to have his heart shocked back into rhythm.  It is always stressful to have that done because the chances are so high of dying on the operating table. For whatever reason he will not be having that done again and says it is far less stressful just living with the condition without the worry of those treatments.  I am praying he can just continue enjoying his life for a LONG time to come!!  A pox on you AFib!!  He is getting older like the rest of us and has inherited many of the family traits, just like I have, struggling with constant worry being one of them.  I am going to be praying for him now even more than I all ready was!

Well...church on Sunday didn't turn out as we had been led to expect.  The Lutherans had their own service after all so our congregation was in with the United group once again.  I am glad I stayed for the service as I was tempted to just go home, but what I heard in the sermon and in general conversation afterward with the congregation just confirms to me now that I can no longer feel safe there.  I can't go to any more joint services.  I guess I need to talk to our Bishop and tell him what has been going on and confess I feel our own parishioners are not safe there either. They are hearing things that are so far removed from any Anglican belief, no matter how liberal, that I think those who are not particularly discerning about spiritual things may be hurting themselves more than they realize by participating in the joint services.  The sermon was based on Ephesians 2, what I call the great call to unity among believers, but the gist of the sermon was a confused mix of a call to complete inclusivity for all followed by a heavy duty bashing of the more evangelical among us as we are still clinging to our "Warrior God" of the Old Testament.  We were ridiculed, scorned for continuing to follow a God who led his people to fight bloody tribal battles pre-Christ.  There was no research apparently, no attempt to join the rest of us in grappling with the "herem", the ban, the spoils of war just an all out condemnation of those of us who don't have a serious problem with that side of God and who DO wrestle to grasp what we can of the reasoning behind those Old Testament stories and scriptures.  A lengthy passage by an emergent church leader was read and I admit I find that particular fellow a bit of an unnecessary grandstander...the Tony Campolo of the Emergent Church, only not as able to pull it off without revealing his underlying bitterness toward the old evangelical practises. He isn't incorrect in his assessment of problems in the evanglical church, but I don't have a lot of use for people in any religious circles who attempt to climb the Fame Train on a basis of personal hurts and bitternesses.  It makes it more difficult for me to hear what they are trying to say.  Whatever....I will attend church next Sunday because our own priest is leading the service, and that will be it for the rest of the summer.  In September that will be the end of the joint summer services and I will attend my own parish church regularly again.  I am struggling sufficiently with the skewed direction my own denomination is taking without adding in a huge dose of teaching from people even farther down that road than my own people are.  It is so hard these days to enjoy church: I became involved because of the centuries long traditions and liturgies and now they are being destroyed as more and more Anglican churches are walking away from the traditions and the heirarchical authority structure and acting more like free-church Baptists, doing whatever each parish wants to do without much obedience to the authority of their Bishops at all...and too many of the Bishops are responsible for leading the charge. What a mess.....sigh.....  I have been feeling troubled for quite awhile and while I am going to be busy with the transition team committments it will be an interesting year to see what happens by the time our team has completed its assigned tasks next summer.

O my....it is on the way to 1am...again....I need to stop thinking and just go to sleep!

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