Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A Pet is a Pet is a Pet is a Pet.......


Whether you are a dog person, a cat person, a bird person.... 
.....your pet is a well loved member of your family......


I am losing patience with a few family members and friends who seem to think it was ridiculous for my son to make so many arrangements to take his pet fish across the border with him.

What the fudge!!

"He went through all that....for a FISH????"
"Isn't it a bit extreme that he took his FISH????"
"Is he crazy? He took his FISH????"

Everyone of you dear naysayers has a pet dog, cat, hamster, ferret, lizard, tarantula or the like that I know for a sure fact you wouldn't dream of leaving behind in Canada if you were heading out of the country to live for an extended period of time.  You know I am right! 

In fact I know that some of you actually transported by air your present pets when you moved to Canada from much farther away than the USA!  Not once did any of us here think you were crazy for wanting to bring your pet with you instead of abandoning it to an uncertain fate back home.  You know I am right! Some of you won't even allow yourselves to kill spiders or mosquitoes due to your well orated respect for all life....all life other than pet fish apparently!

What we have here is clearly a case of ichthus-ism!!!  No doubt about it.  The war is on between the owners of mammals/reptiles/insects and the owners of fish!

None of you would ever want to be accused of age-ism, sex-ism, race-ism or any of the other popular "isms" of our time, but you don't seem to feel badly for being guilty of ichthus-ism.

Shame, shame, shame on you all!!!!

I am proud of my pet owner son and his ability to care for creatures great and SMALL!  After all, as the old hymn goes, "...the Lord God made them ALL."  AMEN!

'Nuff said!



Anonymous said...

I for one was thrilled to hear that Eli had successfully transported 1-2-3 through security at YVR, onto the plane, through Customs/Immigration at JFK and into his new suite in Brooklyn to a waiting Mason jar -- and all after a 14 hour flight delay to boot! This accomplishment demonstrates who Eli is -- loving, sentimental, and creative. You should be so proud of your beautiful son! The news of his success came during an especially difficult week-end and I was thrilled to learn of this small miracle -- it made me smile!

Your Loving Sister-in-law and his Loving Aunt.

Susan Erlenbach said...

Good for Eli!! We too have transported a pet through some very trying circumstances.
They can be comfort and all that!

Susan Erlenbach said...
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