Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Serendipitous Day...At Both Events!! YAY!!

Today is speeding past in a blur of fun!  Although I slept in, I was able to get to the Farmers' Market while there were still lots of items available.  I did learn though that if I want to purchase any of the diabetic baking items I need to be there as soon as the market opens up!  One fellow who specializes in such things is new to the market this week and was sold out in less than an hour! He was shocked! So, NEXT Saturday I will be there as soon as the canvas rolls up on his booth and one other that also sells good treats for diabetics!

I purchased some lovely yellow beans...WHY AREN'T THEY SOLD IN STORES ANY MORE OTHER THAN THE SOGGY, TASTELESS ONES IN CANS??  I purchased lovely fresh dill, arugula and spinach, snap peas, fresh saskatoons and a giant, hugely expensive treat for myself: a bottle of gin from Saskatoon's Black Fox distillery. This particular gin won the award for best cask gin at the 2017 gin competion in London, England.  I decided if my husband can go canoeing with his friends for an entire week while I am here in town, I can have a treat too! teehee  Really looking forward to trying it.

Since the market is close to Cornwall Centre and I had some time to waste before the Carifest Parade, I waltzed into the Bay to look around again and found the most amazing, wonderful bargain: a beautiful Halston, deep peach, cotton knit summer dress that I have seen in the Bay several times over the past few months. So lovely...too expensive...not really a necessity...but I confess I tried it on once and then wished I hadn't because the temptation to purchase nearly overwhelmed me.  So, there it was, the last one left hanging alone, looking abandoned on a bar rack in the middle of an aisle. I couldn't resist looking at it again...the last one...and in my size....why o why did it have to be in my size, right??  BUT THEN I LOOKED AT THE PRICE TAG and GUESS WHAT????  It was marked down to $23!  Only TWENTY-THREE DOLLARS!!! I sit here at my computer all freshly showered, three guesses what I am wearing, first two don't count!  Oooh, I feel so elegant.  It is ankle length with a slightly shorter scoop hem in the front and is so soft and comfy and pretty.  I wish everything I wear could be so simple and elegant and soft.  Thank you Lord for the special presents to myself today!  Take that canoe trip! Take that!! hahahaha

I found a friend from our community choir helping her mom run a booth and so we had a great chat in between her serving customers. That was a nice treat. While we were talking another choir friend came by.  It is so wonderful to finally have lived here long enough to meet people I know at public events.

The weather today was perfect for outdoor shopping: our high today is only +24C and there is a nice breeze to keep the heat of the sun at bay.  Perfect day for wandering about the outdoor market.

I took time to drive home to put the produce away before heading out to the Carifest Parade.  I decided to park about 8 blocks away beside the home of a friend. She lives on a quiet crescent and I knew there would be few people seeking parking that far from the parade.  She was out in her yard when I drove up so we chatted over the fence. It turned out she had an appointment farther along the same street I was going to be walking to for the parade so we walked up together and had a nice visit.  That was an unexpected bit of fun.  Then after I picked my viewing spot, another friend, one from the Caribbean, came past me with a visiting friend of hers and the three of us had a great chat that ended up in us making dinner plans for later this month.  

These little chance meetings are what made the whole parade venture worth the drive and the long walk. hahaha  O my...either the Caribbean community here is extremely small or else a lot of them were not involved in the parade today.  The little parade took less than 45 seconds to go past me and consisted of one small anti-racism float, 2 groups of lackadaisical teens who were wandering willy-nilly around the street in their costumes instead of dancing with their instructor, so there was a lot of hollering from her as she tried to corral them and convince them to get with the programme, a truck pulling a trailer bed with a DJ system blaring out the tunes, two cars with sun rooves that featured a few kids' heads with elaborate headdresses sticking out of them, 2 cars with Caribbean flags on their license plates, (one with a tiny screaming, sobbing girl pummelling her dad as he drove along looking resigned to his fate), and 3 3/4 ton trucks bearing the flag of Uganda....Uganda?? At the Carifest parade?  Must try to find out more about that tie in...obviously something there I am ignorant of.

So, that was it. Put a police car escort in front of and behind this group of cars and stragglers and that was the parade.  It left me a bit speechless at the time.  Those of us standing on the same corner watching waited a good 5 minutes before we realized that had been the entire parade.  Hopefully the rest of the Caribbean community volunteers are over at the park by the Legislative buildings where there is supposed to be a selection of Caribbean foods, music, dances and other cultural activities going on until 9pm.  I hope there is a good turnout of people there to support it. Attendance at the parade was a bit spotty, but there were still 4 times as many watchers as there were actual participants. hahaha  Very cute...very Saskatchewan....hahahaha.

It has been a great way to spend my day as I wait for my husband to get home from his pace car driving!

Well, better go and get those yellow beans ready for cooking for dinner tonight.  I want to rebag the herbs as well so they don't get soft and droopy. The absence of freshly grown herbs out here is the bane of my cooking existence.  It is understandable of course that such things are rarely available in our climate, but I can't believe there aren't more green houses growing and selling them. Too much work for too little return I am guessing. But today I am not focusing on that, I am focusing on how delicious our meals are going to be for the next few days...I am all ready drooling over the lemon and dill oven roasted potatoes I am going to add into our dinner tonight!

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