Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Slight Change in Plans

Just got off the phone with our son.  The plane he was to be on tonight never got off the ground at JFK in New York due to some combination of technical and crew issues.  So, he is not leaving until 1pm tomorrow.

He is rather relieved actually.  He felt rushed today and was so grateful he got a notification of the delay before he left for the airport. After he received that he called the airline to be sure he understood the new departure time as it is nearly 14 hours later than the scheduled flight.  We are relieved that he had the foresight to call them as misunderstanding flight times is a problem he has had more than once in his life, resulting in missing flights and having to pay premium dollars to reschedule.  Absent minded creative types do struggle often with practical details, but this time he pulled it together and got things straightened out.

His sublet for the Vancouver suite is busy tonight celebrating his birthday and will not have to move in until tomorrow so our son was able to spend the night in his own place rather than being stuck on a bench at the airport.  He feels he will have a more effective entry interview at the US border because he will arrive there at 9pm their time and be in far better condition than he would have been originally after a red eye flight.

The hassle now will be finding a way to connect with the fellow who has the key to his new place at that time of night.

His dad and I are trusting that this is one of those things that "works together for good for those who love Lord and walk according to His purpose." Hopefully it will line our son up with just the right person to look at his visa and hear his answers to the entry questions.

Continuing to pray and ever so grateful for your prayers as well...... 

We had a lovely time watching the Canada Day fireworks at 11pm.  Our Egyptian friends arrived most unexpectedly to watch them with us.  They have family who just arrived from Egypt and who speak excellent English. It was a lot of fun to meet them. They are attempting to emigrate to Saskatchewan and have purchased land in the province in the hopes of starting a business.  We pray it will work out for them as the political and social situation in their home country continues deteriorate.  Lord, keep them all safe.  We are going to a birthday party at our friends' house on Tuesday.  Their oldest boy's birthday is on December 25 and in Regina all the businesses and restaurants tend to be closed, so he doesn't get much of a celebration.  So, they are celebrating the birthday of both their sons at the same time.  It will be a time of feasting and laughter and the best way my husband can spend his final day of holidays before returning to work.

It was a good day today. The rainy, cold weather cleared off so all the celebrations around the city were able to go ahead as planned.  I got all the laundry done.  We have so many clothes that cannot go in the dryer that I couldn't possibly hang them all in the bathroom on the shower bar, so my husband picked out his longest hiking stick and wedged it securely between the book cases on opposite walls of his library/study.  I was able to hang everything on that long wooden bar and within less than three hours everthing was dry.  I am going to borrow that stick every time I do the laundry now as it is the best drying rack ever!

It is nearly 1am and the traffic on the street outside our bedroom windows is finally clearing from the mass exodus from the park where all the celebrations took place today.  The noise is quietening down so we should be able to sleep. Yawn....hoping for another good day tomorrow...well, I guess it all ready IS tomorrow!  Must find a couple of birthday gifts for those 2 boys. That will be a good reason to go out tomorrow afternoon after being stuck inside all day today.  YAY! 

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