Monday, July 10, 2017

Aaaaand This Day Has Gotten Better and Better!

The car dealership called at noon to let us know our car would be ready in a half hour but didn't offer us shuttle service until much later in the day, so we opted to walk the 5km back there to pick it up. We managed very well in the +33C temperature due to the strong winds. According to my husband's fitness tracker we averaged 9 minutes per kilometre with a top speed of 5 minutes per kilometre! Having to stop so often for crosswalk lights really slowed us down apparently. Pretty good speed for a couple of old fogeys! We arrived at the dealership less than an hour later, red faced from the bright sun, but otherwise none the worse for wear. The car not only had a new airbag, but a complete checkup which it passed with flying colours and a sparkly wash job! No more left over bug guts on the bumper and headlights from our last road trip! One of the service agents drove it up to the front door for us and we hopped happily into its nicely air conditioned interior.

My husband is certainly feeling well these days. He turned out of the dealership and drove directly to the Vintage British Tearoom to take me out for lunch. Talk about a day of decadence! We shared fabulous scones, egg salad sandwiches, potato/leek soup and sticky toffee cake. The portions are filling but not huge and they went down easily with several cups of Windsor Castle tea. The stew I am making for dinner will be rather plebeian fare after our spectacular breakfast and lunch! hahahaha

I don't think this day could get any better to be honest. We have had great food, intense visits, safety repairs on our vehicle, 10 kilometres of walking....yeah, a wonderful day! And it is not yet 3pm! Wow!!!! Thank you Lord! I have managed thus far to refrain from crying with gratitude, but not sure I can hold it off much longer.

We are both very happy that our family member with cancer should be having the last treatment tomorrow.....the beginning of recovery from a long and painful treatment journey. Speaking of our gratitude to God....

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