Tuesday, July 4, 2017

An International Birthday Party

Slurp, burp, urp....we are home from the pizza and cake (and deep fried pickles and deep fried jalapenos stuffed with cheese....gag me...just pump my veins and arteries full of cholesterol and let me die happy....sigh....) birthday party.  It was a hoot!!

Our host ordered SO much pizza even the pizza vendor told him it was way too much food for this size of group, but he is nothing if not generous so.........  There were so many boxes of large pizzas they were delivered in a giant, padded duffel bag!  There were boxes and boxes of the dill pickles and jalapenos.  There were chocolate fudge brownies and white powdered mini doughnuts and Japanese custard pudding and chocolate chip muffins and a white cheese cake with caramel and a double chocolate birthday cake....aiii yiiii.... and no, I didn't try them all.......um....just most of them.....sigh.....sigh.....sigh.....YUM!  O my poor abused body.......at least the mosquitoes also got to enjoy it and I have the red, swollen itchy bites on my toes and ankles to prove it!

The kids spent most of the party sliding along on the water slider across the back yard and left trails of wet, muddy footprints all over the inside of the house. They shot off four tubes of exploding trails of streamers and coloured cut paper, they tossed giant balloons around the yard and inside the house where the cat had the time of its life popping them and jumping high in the air every time one exploded, they slapped a pinata around until it finally fell apart and dumped more candy onto the lawn than I thought even a large pinata could hold and they blasted all of us with water guns.  What a hoot for all the kids.

Our hosts and their family members are all Egyptian, there was a handful of Canadians from various places in our country, some Japanese people and a Mexican fellow.  The conversation was carried on in a wild mixture of English, Arabic, Spanish and Japanese.  There were other Christians, Buddhists, Muslims and the conversations were fascinating. What a riot!  We came home completely exhausted, less than 3 hours after we arrived!  

We came home to the first report from our son now that he is getting settled.  His white middle class Levi jeans set him up for his first small racist run in with some black neighbours, but he handled it well and will try to get to know them a bit once they realize he was not just passing through sightseeing in the predominantly black neighbourhood with its smattering of Hasidic Jews.  He is happy about the Hasisdim.  They love to chat and he had a long talk with one of the fellows about the possible health benefits of organic eggs over at the market.  His Hasidic butcher welcomed him to the area and gave him a pamphlet about talking to God.  We can tell he is all ready loving every minute of the adventure.  He also sent us the most hilarious photo.  In the picture Eli is holding 1-2-3 up to the window in the zip lock bag and it looks as if 1-2-3 is enjoying looking at the scenery. hahahaha SO CUTE!

Well....back to the work grind in the morning.  It isn't even 10pm and we are getting ready for bed.  It is so hot tonight.  We had a lovely breeze all day that kept things bearable but at about 8pm it completely stopped. Wow....it is hot and airless in our upstairs bedrooms so my husband has got his camp mattress set up in the basement.  I can't bear the spiders and other "things" down there so I will tough it out up here.  Glad it isn't me who has to get up and go to work in the morning!

Please pray that my husband settles back into his job this week.  He says he is happy to go back but has not slept well the past 2 nights so I know the stress is recurring in the back of his mind somewhere.  I feel so badly for him. He really does love his job, but there is just SO MUCH OF IT to do!

Blessings everyone and thanks for your support in reading this blog and interacting with me after reading the various posts.  It is really helpful to me, living in a place and circumstance that I often struggle with.  


Susan Erlenbach said...
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Susan Erlenbach said...

I love how you tell stories about things you experience!
Praying for Dell as he heads back to work and you both as you try to figure out what is going on if anything.

Susan said...

Thanks Susan. I know he will be fine once he gets back, he just knows how much work there is going to be for everyone, from the Bishop down to the office manager between now and the Diocesan Synod weekend near the end of October....so much to plan for in the future as well as trying to fix over 30 years of backlogged paperwork that has been in a mess for a very long time. Will be thinking of your hubby this week, that is for sure.