Saturday, July 15, 2017

Betwixt 'n' Between...Ugh!

I am having one of those very rare days when I am not sure what to do with myself, how to spend the next 12 hours of awake time.  It is a rare and most unwelcome occurrence!

It is 11:15am, another  hour and 45 minutes until I can eat lunch.  I have all ready had my morning walk to the grocery for a new phone card and some cereal, as well as to the post office to mail my parents an anniversary card.  I have driven up to the new Public Market in the former Sears Outlet space and found it a rather disappointing display of mostly jewellery, home knit dish cloths and towels, hair care products and cleaning solutions, with a side of local spice mixes and baking thrown in.  Nothing there to interest me.  One section specialized in antiques, but there wasn't anything there I need and I certainly do not need any of the old Playboy Magazines and related photos and drawings, some of which were beyond foul...blecch! I purchased a couple of tattered and very overpriced used books from the most crowded and filthy second hand book store you can ever imagine, but since it is one of only 2 used book venues in the city, well......

Now I am out of reasonable options. The housework and laundry are all caught up to date.  It is too hot outside to cook much of anything in the oven, plus I have lots of leftovers for lunch and dinner today.  

My husband suggested I spend some time just sitting still and reading a book, but I can't face that option.  Reading is what I do at bedtime when all other options for activity are pretty much exhausted for the day. I detest sitting around all day when I have energy and feel so well.  

There is certainly nothing on tv worth watching, although I did record a movie last week that I could watch while lifting a few weights after lunch.  Yes....I will do that.   AND....I just thought of something husband started making a big batch of granola the other day and after he was finished putting the mix together he realized he had unthinkingly put in the bits of fruit all ready, prior to cooking it in the oven.  It has been far too hot to be cooking batches of granola this past week, so it is all still sitting in its huge covered bowl.  I know what I will go and do right now: start separating the granola grains from the fruit bits. My husband will be delighted. It is just the tedious sort of task that matches up well with a hot, muggy day that precludes any more strenuous activities! PERFECT!

There...a plan for the next few hours of  the day. YES!!  I can stand up to sort granola instead of sitting down, I can lift weights while watching the movie.  That should take me happily and easily up until mid afternoon.  YES!!  Thank you blog for being available for me to sort out my thoughts and get ready for action!  Physical activity of any kind is what keeps my blood sugar in line and makes me feel motivated and happy.

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