Monday, July 3, 2017

Bye Bye Holidays.....Waaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!

This morning it hit both of us that Tuesday is our last day of hoo!!!  It has been such a good time of travelling, visiting, feasting, re-aquainting, celebrating and even working on better stress management!  And now it is about over.  

I am pleased my husband seems ready to return to work.  He has a better plan in mind so that he can put in shorter days as it has dawned on him at last that he cannot solve 30 years of backlogged and poorly done paper work just by working 2 extra hours a day most of the year.  At last!  He gets it!  Yay!  Thank you Lord! Yay again!

I was pretty sleepy late into this afternoon as my minimal 3 hours of sleep last night caught up with me after a morning of racing around shopping for gifts for our new Egyptian immigrant friends, so I decided we should brave the heat outside and hie ourselves away to a nice restaurant for a final holiday meal.  

Where to go?  There is a lot of choice here in Regina on a long weekend holiday Monday.  Most restaurants, aside from some of the neighbourhood pubs, are virtually deserted.  It seems most of the city's residents have disappeared to the campgrounds or that first weekend in the cabin at the lake.  We finally decided on Wild Sage, the restaurant in the Double Tree Hotel at the corner of Victoria and Broad.

I find Regina interesting in that, unlike other cities whose hotel restaurants are rarely worth eating at, some of Regina's best are in hotels!  And no, that doesn't mean it is because the rest of the city's restaurants are that much, it doesn't.  We really enjoy the London Belle in the Marriott, Memories in the Delta, the main dining room, come teatime, at the Hotel Saskatchewan, and now we may have found a new favourite at Wild Sage in the Double Tree!

The prices are most reasonable and if tonight's meal quality was anything to go by, well, we will be returning there again and again.  The prices for entrees ranged from $14 to the top steak dinner price of only $35!  WOW!  They even have 3 excellent Argentinian reds from the Doug Reichel Wine Marketing collection on the wine list, tucked in in among the usual popular disaster brands!  Way to go Wild Sage. THANK YOU!!!

I ordered the steak sandwich and it was the nicest, tastiest meal I have had in a long time.  My perfectly medium rare, 6 oz. flat ironed steak arrived on a slice of marbled rye bread that was covered with lightly seared arugula, sliced beet pickle, bacon jam, pickled onion and gremolata.  I could have eaten just the bread with that beautiful combination of flavours and textures atop it and been quite satisfied even without the tender as butter steak.  The small caesar salad was delicious with thin melba toast slices instead of the usual croutons that make me worry about breaking my teeth, two large thin slices of fresh parmesan and a light coating of buttermilk dressing.  I have not had a meal quite THAT delicious here in Regina, and I have had plenty of wonderful restaurant meals here in the past 2 years. It was spectacular.

My husband so desperately wanted a hot dog or beef sausage on Canada day but wasn't willing to risk buying one from the vendors at the park celebrations due to the very strong possibility there would be corn products in the meat.  So, the fun feature on tonight's menu was the Vancouver Sloppy Hot Dog: a beef sausage in a bun stuffed with macaroni and cheese and a nice complement of crispy  fries. He not only got his very Canadian style meal, but it was particularly delicious and certainly outclassed anything the street vendors would have been selling on Canada Day! Non-greasy, properly drained fries...YES!

The wait staff was so professional.  We were allowed to sit in the dining room section even though the tables had all ready been set for tomorrow's breakfast, but we didn't want to sit in the lounge with the sports tv blaring.  As we suspected, other than 3 or 4 people in the lounge area, we were the only diners at 6pm.  We are starting to understand why restaurants here have been, until recently, in the habit of closing on the Mondays of long weekends. It seems hardly worth their while to remain open and pay staff. 

My goodness we had fun tonight.  My husband spent the afternoon making himself a giant batch of granola and needed a break away from home.  He can't seem to cook anything in any sort of reasonable amounts. Everything he makes, even morning pancakes, ends up coming out in batches large enough for an army. haha  I wonder how many years from now we will discover bags of granola from today's venture, in one of the food storage bins in the basement, all stale, white with age and good only to be tossed into the garbage. hahaha  And how do I know this is exactly what is likely to happen?  Hoho!  You well may ask!

I am pleased that, other than tonight's bit of buttermilk dressing, I have been able to cut back considerably on fats and foods all ready containing cholesterol in the past few days since we returned home from travelling.  It feels great to be back on track.

I am actually thinking of putting a bit of supper together for myself tomorrow to eat at the birthday party.  I simply cannot bring myself to cheat so soon with a slice of pizza and lard filled birthday cake.  As much fun as it would be, plus I don't want to offend our friends, I can't do it, I just can't do it.

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