Sunday, July 16, 2017

'Bye 'Bye Horsies!

So tonight marked the end of the Calgary Rangeland Derby for another year.  As usual the Dash For Cash final heat was plagued by penalties and judging controversies, but it was still a fine race to watch.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching it on television, but every year I remember the "good old days" of knowing some of the cowboys through old family connections and being able to watch the races live from the infield instead of from the crowded public bleachers....good times, good memories......... My husband and I found it interesting that as we sat and looked at the night sky over Calgary we both felt like we were looking at "home", as if we had never left there all those years ago.

And now I eagerly await some cooler temperatures to arrive for the night.  Hopefully the forecast for +12C will hold true, but it is taking its sweet time coming down that direction!  It is nearly 10:30pm and we are still over +20C.  There is no way I will be falling asleep any time soon.  I have all the upstairs windows open wide and have taped the pulls for the blinds to the walls so they don't slap against the window frame during the night and wake me up.  Once I actually fall asleep I intend to remain in that state until the alarm wakes me up at 7:30am.

Today was a lot of fun.  We were greeters at the door this morning at church, along with some others from the other congregations that enjoyed our blended service.  It is always interesting to hear the differences in belief between the three groups as to who God and Christ and the Church really are.  As Anglicans, my husband and I are not really supposed to receive the elements of the Eucharist the way they were presented today, but our Bishop had a great idea: go ahead and receive it based on what it means to the presiding leadership, not based on what our own denomination believes it to represent.  That freed me up to take it with minimal spiritual reservations. My husband was so appalled at some of the things that were said in the service today that, although he went forward, instead of actually taking and consuming the elements, he simply made the sign of the cross and returned to his seat.  To each according to his or her own conscience. I had great peace about returning to my church family and received a warm welcome.  Whatever is going on there I sense that God is definitely working on something that I get to be a part of. Time will tell and in the meantime I am just going to get out of my own analytical head and enjoy the ride.

After church we joined a few members of the United Church congregation and their minister for lunch out at a nice restaurant.  It was a lot of fun getting to know some of them better. Since their minister is my husband's cousin and we have all been too busy to get together socially of late, it was fun to get caught up on personal and family news.  We dawdled over our meal, chatting and laughing, thoroughly enjoying ourselves.  It was an unexpected outing and that made it all the more fun.  I will definitely eat another garden side salad with an added chicken breast at Cravings Restaurant.  It is a pretty run of the mill sort of place, but the salad was fresh and clean and crisp. The chicken breast was huge and served on a separate plate which made it easier than trying to get it organized in the small salad bowl.  Although it was water chilled chicken, the chef knew how to prepare it properly so it actually retained the basic texture of chicken meat and didn't look, act or taste like pencil top erasers! YAY!

We enjoyed a quiet afternoon at home doing home chores, watching the Calgary Stampede final rodeo action and getting some emails written. I played a video game for a little while. Supper was a light meal of a few leftovers.  It was too hot to even consider cooking anything, even on the stove top.  One good thing about the heatwave is that our appetites are generally down.  The toaster oven and microwave have been getting a tremendous amount of use over the past couple of overly warm weeks.  

I was hoping for an email tonight from a friend in BC who was to become a grandmother today....hopefully there won't be too much longer to wait and all will go well for mamma and baby...and anxious grandma and grandpa! Such an exciting time for them all!

We spoke to our son on the phone again today.  It gives us such joy to hear the lilt in his voice as he describes his adventures in New York with such joy.  Some of the issues of settling into a new country could be much more upsetting to him than they are.  It seems he is finally turning a corner in getting past some of the horrible things that have happened to him in the past 4 or 5 years. He has so many friends where he is now, almost as many as he has in Vancouver, and it seems those friends are knocking themselves out helping him look for permanent work for September, keeping their eyes peeled for an even better place to live, helping him get the subway system figured out even better than he had in previous visits.  He has a great relationship with the local Hasidic butcher and is getting great deals on meat and now he has located a Chinese owned pet shop that has gotten him all kind of new plants for the aquarium plus some ideas of how to better assist 1-2-3 adjust to the afternoon heat that raises the temperature of his water a bit too high these days. The pet shop owners also own a tea shop a couple of doors away from the pet shop, so now he has a good source and selection of imported Asian teas to choose from.  

We have to set the alarm for my husband's day off tomorrow, since he has to work part of the morning and I am guessing it will translate into all of the morning.  He has to be in line at Service Canada when they open at 8:30am to get some information that is needed immediately regarding a sick leave/EI conflict for an employee.  He spent part of this afternoon with the Chancellor dealing with some legal issues and part of this evening helping the CFO with some problems.  It is all okay because this extra work time of late is translating into him penciling another 4 days off in a row very soon.  He is away an awful lot over the next 6 weeks so I am kind of at loose ends as making plans for myself has proven to be more difficult than anticipated.  O well.....

Well, I guess I will sit on top of my bed and read until the air temperature cools sufficiently for me to fall asleep.  Today made up for yesterday's confusion about what to do all day.  I DID get every last itsy bitsy piece of dried fruit out of the granola took me TWO HOURS!  There was a lot of fruit and much of it was cut into extremely tiny pieces.  Glad to have a task on a day that was too hot for going out anywhere meaningful.  Tomorrow evening is dinner out with friends at Wild Sage.  Really looking forward to our time together. 

Aaaahhhh, here comes the cooling evening wind!  It is flapping the blinds and drapes and blowing wonderful chilly air on me! Maybe I will get some sleep soon after all! YAY!! 


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