Sunday, July 9, 2017

CBC Calgary Stampede TV Coverage: Best Coverage Yet!

Every year I grit my teeth and gut my way through the annual attempt by the CBC to do a decent job of covering the Calgary Stampede chuckwagon races.  This year has been a most pleasant and much appreciated surprise! I have been enjoying the 2 hours per evening of my favourite ever chuckwagon races with the daily rodeo highlights thrown in around the heats.  There  has been a huge decline in the amount of unnecessary blithering forced upon the announcers and reporters, far fewer "personal interview segments" and "special reports", certainly very little repetition of those same spots night after night, which is what used to happen in previous years.  We are getting the full chuckwagon race coverage within the 2 hour production instead of having the last race run over into a separate rodeo segment, causing me to lose part of that race in times past if I forgot to set my PVR to record the rodeo as well as the chucks.  

Production values seem to have improved considerably.  The coverage looks crisp on my screen, the interviewers and announcers are not having to ramble on filling up air time to the same degree.  We are getting far more information at the beginning and end of each chuckwagon heat and during the rodeo highlights.

I don't know who is responsible for the changes this year, but I am certainly a lot happier, far less frustrated about having my time wasted as I try to piece together the sights and information I am really interested in.  The coverage as a whole is just more cohesive and interesting...more facts, less unnecessary analysis!

Thank you CBC!


chris e. said...

Perhaps more commercials=less unnecessary analysis?

Susan said...

Whatever works, right? haha. Easy enough to fast forward through them at least. We usually start watching the recording about half way into the broadcast and then we only have to sit through a couple of commercial breaks near the end.