Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Dem Ole Dry Bones O' Mine!

I had a rather quiet day at home for the first part of the day, getting some of my son's mail organized for him.  We are now his Canadian address for mail forwarding, just as my parents were for us when we were in Japan.  It is kind of fun actually to have to make arrangements for a few things for him that he can't take care of from so far away.

Then this afternoon I walked downtown to my annual bone specialist appointment.  O my....it went SO well!  He completely agrees with me that it is better for me to return to Red Deer once again next year for my bone densitometry to check if this new medication is increasing my bone density or not, rather than setting a new baseline here and then having to wait another two years to see if the meds are working.  Although I will not be scheduling the appointment until nearly a year from now, I have the requsition slip in my hot little hands ready to prove this test is the request of my new specialist.  YAY!!  He gave me the new prescription, made certain I had all ready received my government permission for coverage by my husband's insurance company, he gave my spine a good checking out and seemed pleased that the curvature has not worsened in the past year and that I can still easily bend over to touch my toes, is thrilled I have had no fractures for nearly two full years, is happy that I am walking so much and delighted about the light weight lifting.  I came away feeling positive and encouraged!  I have a whole year now to live in what may turn out to be a fool's paradise of expectation that this new drug is actually working to restore bone density.  Well, we are not going to know one way or the other for another year, so I might as well assume the best and carry on with my life. 

All evening I have been going crazy smelling the absolutely delicious granola my husband was cooking in the oven....o my goodness!!!  When it finally came out of the oven at 10pm I could barely wait for it to cool sufficiently before sneaking a teeny tiny handful from the pan....I can't eat it very often, or much of it when I do, because there are maple syrup and coconut sugar added, plus I have no way of counting the amount of carbohydrate in any size serving. So, I will content myself with 1/4 cup of it once or twice a week for the next month.  That should be okay.  It is filled with so many yummy things: chopped dried fruit of all kinds, slivered almonds, wheat flakes, white sesame seeds, coconut, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds....oh so many tasty bits of this and that.  What a treat for my bedtime snack tonight.

Tomorrow is the last "cooler" day we are going to have for awhile, so I am going to stay home and get all the laundry done. Running up and down 2 flights of stairs quite a few times in the course of the day will have to replace my usual longer walk around the city.  I ran the dishwasher tonight in the cool of the evening, the granola  cooked for several hours, now all the windows are open to let the slight breeze blow through before lights out.  There was such a cold wind blowing last night I had to shut my bedroom window at 3am.  Sure was great to wake up needing a sweater this morning instead of wondering how little clothing I could possible wear down to breakfast without sweltering all ready at 6am. Back to that by Thursday apparently.

Our relative who had cancer is away on the first RV trip of the summer since the diagnosis and treatment.  Praying it is going very well, is fun and relaxing.  After having the broken bones to recover from over the past few years I understand that "crawling the walls" feeling that comes from being confined to home for months at a time. 

We are rejoicing with BC friends who just became grandparents for the first time. The photo they sent of themselves holding the baby for the first time was so beautiful it quite brought me to tears.  I am happy for them as they will be one awesome Nana and Papa!  As I gazed into that puffy little "just born" face it made me just as happy I will not ever have that privilege, because all I could think of was "What will this dear child have to face growing up in our deteriorating culture and world in general?"  I feel relieved that we will not personally have that stress.  I faced enough of it when I was raising my own son! OCD and worry about grandchildren is not a good mix!  I nearly lost my mind with worry the entire time my son lived at home....just ask him sometime about how LESS than jolly that experience was for us all....for 19 years!  Blah!

I am working through my church issues.  If it all falls apart for me locally with my denomination and I stop going to my congregation by this time next year after our transition team completes its task, I will simply stay at home during church times and do a morning prayer service with my beloved BCP or BAS liturgies.  If my husband happens to be home he can do a Eucharist for me and preach one of his sermons to us both.  It will be interesting to see what is going on a year from now, if I feel I can remain in my local church or have to wait for a move to a different diocese where there may be a parish more suitable to my own spiritual needs.  I cannot return to my former denomination(s) as I am Anglican through and through.

It has been a good day and now it is time to crawl into bed and read another chapter in a biography of the fascinating Diana Mosley, by Anne de Courey.  I have been blessed with gifts and loans of several excellent biographies of late. Coming at a time when I am so bored and fed up with trying to find well written novels, the biographies are much appreciated. Real life is always so much more interesting than fiction!

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