Thursday, July 20, 2017

Drenched and Mad as a Wet Hen!

Now that I am dried off I am less frustrated and angry than I was a few minutes ago when I arrived home from grocery shopping to discover it was impossible to enter my suite by either door without getting soaked to the skin by the hoses spewing water willy nilly everywhere.  There wasn't anyone around in the maintenance shop to ask if I could get the underground system shut off long enough to at least get my groceries into the suite through one door or another, so off I raced, water spraying all over me, to the back door as it was closest to the car park and meant I would only be sprayed by one hose instead of the three drenching my front door.  Sigh........

I admit my emotions are a tad close to the surface these days.  We have unexpectedly entered a period of incredible stress and confusion in a number of areas in our lives and once again even our immediate future may be somewhat uncertain.  I confess once I got my soaked self and my wet groceries, damp leather purse and sandals and dripping hair inside the suite I lost it completely and had a great screaming explosion at the absent maintenance staff, God, life in general and, I suppose, any neighbours within earshot. embarrassing!

Less than 3 hours of sleep didn't help the situation seem at all amusing either I am afraid.  Sigh.....

My level of frustration has reached a dangerous point.  At this moment I can honestly say I feel very tempted to hate on this place, on Regina, on Saskatchewan and its people, on my church denomination's state of affairs, on the weather and on life itself.  Grrrrrr!!! Blaaaaahhhhh!  Bleccccchhh!!! Poooooey!!! Pfffffffttttt!!!!  Aaaaargh!!

Oooh, my....there, that feels a LOT better!! What I love about blogging is that I can get my yaya' s out, confess my sin of unwarranted anger, get over it and keep moving on.  Just writing it down takes the edge off and I know that within the next hour as my clothes dry out sufficiently to put back on, I will be laughing about the entirely minor incident. I am starting to relax again and the temptation to be so over the top angry is receding almost as quickly as it appeared.  The depth of my anger rather startled me.  It is just water after all and my leather sandals and purse were dried off before even wiping and shelving the groceries.  

I suspect the fact that finding out earlier this week thatmy husband's job is not as stable and secure over the next four years as I thought it was really threw me off.  It left me worried, angry, fighting bitterness and not allowing my first thoughts to be ones of trusting God, excitement about a possible new adventure and a quick move toward prayer for both of those reactions.  O how quickly I forget the past and even the assistance of this present time from God. Just yesterday he did something amazing for us, yet today I lost it because I got water on me unexpectedly.  Silly human.........

Aaaah, that is just what I needed to do: remind myself where my faith and trust for life really the Lord and not in the things of this world.

Peace and calm are being restored.  Thank you family and friends for letting me vent, confess my uncalled for depth of anger when feeling a tad miffed would have been sufficient, and begin receiving back the serenity that generally follows me about in life.  

------10 minutes later------- 

I am just thinking what an hilarious sight the neighbours got to see when all that water hit me full force before I even got up on the back steps, hahahaha.  I can see it myself and it is pretty funny all right!  hahahaha  Yup, one little old lady getting hit full in the face with a giant arc of water that knocked her grocery bag right out of her hand and left her scrabbling about, unable to see through water covered glasses, finding the grocery bag just in time to be hit full force a second time.  hahahaha  So now I just wish I had a video of it.  It would have to be worth something on one of those blooper video shows, right? hahahahahahaha  O bless you blog and blog readers.  I am very much over it now. hahahahaha  Confession...yup, that is the key for me to get over unnecessary reactions to small discomforts!

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Susan Erlenbach said...

What a ridiculous situation!! Praying about the job situation.
Blessings my friend!