Sunday, July 23, 2017

Glad To Have My Husband Home Again

My husband arrived home at 7pm yesterday.  Despite a breakdown of the Bishop's bicycle that required a lot of effort, time, stress and phone calls in order to get his other bike brought out from Regina so he could continue his journey, my husband came home in a jolly mood.  Having such a fun work assignment out of the office really perked him up.  He got to be out of doors a good deal over the 3 days and came home with a deep tan.  

Unexpectedly, at all their overnight stops, parishioners had arranged billets, 3 "squares" a day and all manner of invitations to other people in the towns to come to the evening jamborees.  My husband didn't get to camp out, or even to lay his sleeping bag out on a church hall floor to have some quiet time alone.  He had to be "on" the entire 3 days.  hahaha  He absolutely loved it! hahaha  Working as many hours as he does has blinded him to the fact that he is often lonely when is away from work. He doesn't have the energy left to pursue some of his fledgling friendships here.  We talked about it last night and he is going to follow my lead in picking up the papers and going online to see what is happening in this city and picking some things to do.  He knows enough other fellows he could invite to go with him to various events if he just picks up the phone and gives them an invitation.  We are both guilty of moldering around in this place on times off and then feeling like we haven't done anything interesting.  It seems our energies for people and activities are being restored.  YES!

Unfortunately the Regina Philharmonic concert outdoors at Motherwell Homestead is happening on the very August Saturday my husband will be unpacking from youth camp and getting ready to leave on the canoe trip the next day.  We were hoping to invite our Egyptian friends to attend that with us as they love classical music and their boys would have such fun racing around on the grounds prior to the concert.  Well, maybe next year..........

It appears we all ready have a billet for the baptismal service in August at a former parish and the whole weekend looks like it is going to go well.  There are many things coming up my husband is looking forward to and that will carry him through the workload for the next year.  It is so nice to see him so cheery and encouraged these days.  He has finally started to relax into his job and is enjoying it more than any job he has ever had despite the pressures and the seeming impossibility of ever accomplishing all that needs to be done  in order to get caught up in areas that have been overlooked for the past 30 years.  He relishes the excitement that comes when a problem is solved, when paperwork is caught up and when he gets chances to teach and to travel.  Looks like another trip to Africa MAY be in the offing so am looking forward to getting more details on that.  The annual national Executive ArchDeacons conference is in Vancouver this fall I think.  That will be nice for him. Even though our son no longer lives there I am considering going along to do some touring on my own while my husband is in meetings.  I do love Vancouver and it would be a nice break away. Something to think about anyway.

I woke up just after 6am as seems to now be my usual time for a slow wake up and then breakfast by 7am.  My poor body was quite out of meal sync on holidays and I feel like it has finally recovered.  Guess that means I am awake in time to attend church this morning. The Lutheran congregation will be in charge today so it will be interesting to participate in their worship for a change of pace.  Last week was the United Church and next week it will be our Anglicans' turn again. 

Another hot day is on the way, but then the temperature is supposed to drop to the high and middle +20'sC.  Another week with no rain forecast.......the crops are in big trouble and larger garderns have wilting plants.  We are into quite a drought here, although that has not been made official yet.  If we don't get rain in the next two weeks it will be. Well, for me one advantage is that my basement is dry, no leaking, no flooding, no "seepage" as our lease calls it, hahaha. "Seepage"??? If only! hahaha


Ron Baker said...

Always enjoy the opportunity to catch up in life in the fast lane down there in Regina. I've been enjoying retirement and the opportunity to "do my thing", which is way more than I have time for!! Blessings on you both.

Susan said...

Ooooh, retirement sounds so lovely. I am more than ready, but my husband wants to work until he is 70, so four more years if the Lord so wills. So happy you are enjoying yourself! Hallelujah!