Saturday, July 15, 2017

Good News For Another Year!

My husband and his colleagues at the office are in the process of completing next year's budget and the good news is that there will be sufficient funding to keep him on next year!  YAY!!  Every summer, come budget negotiations, I hold my breath, but now it is safe to exhale once again.  I can relax now until next June when budgeting for 2019 begins.  Thank you Lord my husband can stay on at the office for another year!

You would think that after everything we have gone through with various forms of (un)employment over the past 40 years that we would be used to the uncertainties, but every year I feel somewhat uncomfortable at budget planning time, just wondering if this will be the year of mad scrambling about, seeking once again a new source of wage earnings for my (now retirement aged) husband. 

I do trust God to provide for us if the worst was to happen.  He always has.  The part I dread when a job ends, even when the end is expected, is how much hassle and stress may be involved until the next job appears.  We have never been left stranded financially, not ever, not even once, even when things looked as bleak as bleak can be. So, being able to manage if this position falls through before forced retirement 4 years from now, is not the concern.  The concern is always in the details such as having to find and move into a less expensive place, or considering a change of town and city once again.  Handling even temporary unemployment can be a time and energy consuming event!

We are seriously worried about friends who worked for Sears most of their lives, have been retired for some years and are now facing the possibility of losing the pensions they paid into all their working lives.  There is no way there will be a return to any kind of employment. Their ages and health issues preclude any such possibility.  Lord, can you please take care of them? They too have a strong faith in you, but they have not been through the kind of financial turmoil we have experienced for so much of our lives.  They don't have the kind of experiences of "supernatural" provision we have had.  The fear is as intense for them as it was for us when we started on this journey with you and they are facing this lesson in trust at a much MUCH older age than we were in the beginning. Lord, is there any way they can keep those pensions?  If there isn't, is there any way you can do something truly spectacular for them so they don't have to add constant fear of losing their homes and everything they have worked so hard for over the past decades?  This is my prayer for our friends. Help them to have a sense of trust, of peace, in knowing the mighty I AM has not forgotten them.  Thank you Lord, AMEN!

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