Thursday, July 20, 2017

Happy For My Parents

Had the most encouraging chat with my parents today! Yesterday they were both well enough to ride the facility bus along with 25 other residents for a drive northwest of the city for shopping, lunch and a scenic view out at Pasu Sheep Farm. Unfortunately the view of the Rockies along the way was completely obscured by forest fire smoke, but no matter. They had a fantastic time! I can hardly believe my dad not only survived a more than two hour round trip drive and two hours at Pasu, but sounded perky and happy today, instead of miserably exhausted after yesterday's effort. Even a few months ago he wouldn't have been physically capable of it. Mom had the time of her life! She found a beautiful blouse in the gift shop. She was thrilled with the homemade lunch and became rather animated describing the ham and veggie filled baguette...."REAL ham, not that pressed garbage!" My mother hates deli pressed sandwich meat more than anyone I know. haha Dad was nearly in tears when it came time to go home. He feels so trapped in their facility since he had to stop driving. I think they are encouraged now to sign up for subsequent trips. I really hope so.

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