Saturday, July 29, 2017

Happy LIttle Serendipities

I am sitting here, mid afternoon, waiting for my husband to call me to come pick him up from work so we can go to an open house way up on the extreme northwest side of the city.  The property management company that owns our current rental units has issued special invites to all of us here to come view their new apt. block with the enticement that everything is brand new, never before lived in and that our leases are completely transferrable.

As lovely an idea as that is, the opportunity to leave all the pet hair and cigarette smoke residue of past tenants, the chance to leave behind this spider infested old place and its leaking basement, the joy of moving to one of the lowest crime rate areas of the city, I doubt very much we will make the switch and lose all that is good about life right here.  We looked at the photos of the cheap building materials used in the new place, the lack of storage, the probability of having neighbours on all 4 sides of us, the two hundred dollar a month rent increase and the distance from there to all we have easy access to now,  and decided against a move pretty quickly.  However, going for the viewing, if my husband gets off work in time today, is a fun thing to do on another very hot day.  Our vehicle has wonderful air conditioning!  haha  It would also be easy for me to segue from the open house to the idea that since we are out and about anyway, dinner at a nice air conditioned restaurant would be a wonderful time as well! Tee bad......teehee

I had some errands to run this morning and as I drove past the Community Market on the way home I decided to stop in, even though I found nothing of interest the last time I was there.  This time I purchased two inexpensive "fun" necklaces, one ceramic star fish and one metal owl, from a group who trains some of our mentally challenged teens to make jewellery of all kinds.  It was fun to support them and have a nice chat with one of the gals who was putting together some new pieces right there at the market.

On the way out I wandered into the Value Village next door looking for leather coats as that is where I often find the best deals on loss leader leathers. There wasn't anything like that today but I did find a brand new CUTE CUTE CUTE summer dress for less than thirteen dollars.  It is a good quality cotton/nylon blend and a very 1960's A-line style, red with some silver button adornments, short rolled, cuffed sleeves and a collared v-neck.  The fabric is gathered slightly under the bodice and it is so 60's retro I can hardly believe it.  I love it!!  It is too short for someone my age to wear, but it fits beautifully over my black capris and white capris.  A friend gave me a necklace when we were on our holidays and it goes perfectly with this little sun dress.  Yes, I needed another something to wear like I need another hole in the head, but it is so perfect, from price to colour to style....with more hot days ahead, how could I say no.  I can wear it without the capris here in the house and then just throw them on when I go out.  I think I am going to wear it with the whites tomorrow for church.

In another hour, if I am still here, I can start opening up the windows again. Yay! Over the next hour the heat in the suite will reach its peak, before the sun moves sufficiently to the south west to leave our east facing windows in the cooler shade of the afternoon.  Then I can open them and get some cross air and draft going between the bedrooms upstairs and the kitchen downstairs.  There is still no rain forecast over the next 2 weeks and temperatures are not going to come down all that much either. is HOT!  Prayer meeting in the diocese office last night was not only a spiritual treat, but a lovely break in the air conditioned rooms as well.  My husband and I finished cooking up his granola over there in the beautifully chilly kitchen area then walked it home afterward in a big back pack my husband carried while I carried the cookie sheets back to our place.  The breeze outside had finally come up again by then and the walk before bedtime was most pleasant and enjoyable.

My husband just called, so I am on my way to the viewing. hahahaha  If it was just myself to think about I would probably be half packed to move up there all ready, but letting common sense take over, it wouldn't be that great for either of us.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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