Sunday, July 30, 2017

Interesting Little Answers to Prayer

My husband is assisting the Bishop at a service out at Gordon First Nation this morning.  I hope he is coping with the heat as I doubt that poor little old church is air conditioned.  Speaking of "coping", at least my husband doesn't have to wear his cope this morning, probably only his alb and stole. It will be the Bishop wearing all the extra garments of service today.  We have both been praying the two of them could get some time together alone in the same place long enough to compare their plans and schedules for the next month and the long drive to Gordon and back will accomplish that.  One little, very much appreciated answer!

I drove to my own church building today and enjoyed very much the service leadership provided by the Lutheran congregation.  I was pleased we had a decent turn out of Anglicans.  People there seemed friendlier than usual today, perhaps in part because the sermon was from the Gospel of John and about unity once again. What a completely different approach than last week's harangue from the other group's leader.  I actually felt our Anglican people truly were more welcome this morning and so many took the exhortation from the preacher to heart afterward: to find someone at coffee hour you didn't know and strike up a conversation. There certainly was at least some of that going on rather than the usual racing off, each to our own coffee rooms and kitchens with only our own congregants.  Another little answer to prayer that has left me feeling better about things and newly encouraged to continue in personal relationship with some of the folks that made me feel so unsafe last week.   I feel much more at peace and less inclined to just give up and disappear.  Thank you Lord for that.  I am not usually one to run from any sort of theological conflict, but feeling so old and tired and worn out and HOT has taken its toll this summer.  (It is +36C today with a humidex reading making it feel like +40C, so thank you Lord I got the right combo of open and shut blinds and curtains this morning so the suite is bearable.)

My husband is Commissary while the Bishop and Dean of the Cathedral are both on vacation over the next few weeks....not that he needs the extra stress of having to deal with any unexpected crises during the time as he is also frantically trying to pull people along to complete their duties for the upcoming provincial synod, clergy days etc.  This is one crazy summer, but I am realizing there is no NOT crazy time of year in this job. hahahaha  Yesterday he spent his work time in the office getting last minute instructions from the CFO so that the last of the budgeting for next year can be finalized and sent to the appropriate people now that the CFO is on his month of holidays.  

Which brings me to my next answer to prayer, although for my husband it is not the answer he was hoping for:  things are likely going to be too busy in the office for him to accompany the youth campers to the mountains later in August.  I have had a very bad feeling about his participation in this venture.  All I could see was how much farther behind his office duties were going to get, how completely exhausted he would be before ever getting to the clergy canoe trip, which is far more what he personally needs to experience this year than dragging a bunch of inexperienced teens with insufficient gear along hiking trails.  Although he will be very disappointed if he has to withdraw as trip chaplain and path finder, the couple who are leading the camp are well equipped and sufficiently experienced with both teens and mountain hiking to do it without him.  I feel badly he will miss a trip to the mountains if he has to cancel out, but on the other hand I know how frustrating it would be for him to be there under those circumstances, rather than as part of a group of experienced adults who don't need a "keeper" in order to stay safe out there.  So, I am torn about how I feel about this answer to prayer about how to fit everything into next month that needs to fit.  I am relieved, yet sorry for my husband as he loves the mountains so.

Hoping my husband gets home in time for  a bit of a rest this afternoon before we drive to friends' in Moose Jaw for dinner.  I will drive our nicely air conditioned car so he can concentrate on telling me about his adventures from this morning.  We are looking forward to a sweet time of fellowship with these friends. Their availability this weekend in the midst of their own busy lives is also a little prayer answer, as there has been so little chance to get together over the past few months.  

This next week is looking happily busy and at a FEW degrees cooler outside than it has been over the past 5 days.  I am looking forward to spending tomorrow with my husband, doing some "car" errands and chattering away at each other.  He only gets the one day off this week so we intend to make the most of it.  I doubt he will get his 3 day weekend next week either, again likely only 1 day of the 3 if he is fortunate enough to not have any emergencies to deal with on that one precious day.  I am happy to be scheduled for a hair appointment, dinner out with a friend and a transition team meeting, so some fun things to pack in around the housework I have been letting lapse because of the heat.  

The first week of August is nearly upon us.  It seems the summer is flying past at breakneck speed now.  Well, I think I will go into another room and sweat in there for awhile as I wait for lunch time to roll around!

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