Monday, July 31, 2017

Is There Anything More Healing Than An Evening With True Friends?

Life has been a tad tough recently for a number of reasons, but last night seemed to make up for many hassles and upsets of late.  What a blessing and relief and joy to spend a late evening with close friends who understand and relate to the joys and struggles in our lives so totally. We laughed, we cried, we prayed, we shared a wonderful feast, we enjoyed another couple who dropped in unexpectedly to join in the dessert and conversation.  We ate too much. We drank too much. We overdosed on fresh saskatoons, cherries and cake bars. We huddled together in the cool of the basement rooms, while the nearly +40C temperature blanketed the outdoors, watching a recent video of our hosts' daughter's wedding, sharing our thoughts on that day and enjoying watching two young people so much in love and so filled with idealism for the future, as two young people in love should be filled.  We encouraged and edified one another, we did NOT talk about philosophies or theologies or idealisms: we spent our visiting time securely rooted on this planet, discussing our families, our friendship, relationships, careers, holidays, future plans, retirement goals...some "other" conversation apart from the heady realm of academics.  I love those conversations as well, don't get me wrong, only I have a lot on my plate in that department these days that is stressful and it was incredibly relaxing to set it aside for an evening.  Even my academic husband enjoyed the conversation!  It was a wonderful, wonderful time!

Today we are being rewarded for surviving the past few days of intense heat: it is only about +22C at the moment with a forecast high of +29C.  For the next 14 days the forecast and extended forecast have us experiencing daytime highs of only +24C to +27C or so. will be able to be lived once again.  I can return to my daily walks without worrying about heat stroke.  It was so hot yesterday I felt nauseous.  Our friends' big fuzzy rangoon cat WAS nauseous and very unhappy. The heat drove the mosquitos elsewhere so, on the plus side, we were able to open all the doors and windows of the house while we ate dinner and had no buzzing, blood sucking invaders to worry about. Even the wasps spent the early evening hours tucked underneath the grape vine leaves that grow along our friends' fence, staying out of the direct sun and heat.  I am so relieved that the worst of the heat wave for this summer may be over, but there is still no rain in the forecast.  We had a little bit of rain here later last night apparently but it was over before we arrived home at midnight.  There was a small puddle in the parking lot but the lawn had all ready dried and was crispy underfoot as we walked from the car to the back deck.  I have a lot of walking to do tomorrow, so am relieved I will be able to do it comfortably.

Thank you Lord for an evening we both certainly seemed to need! AND for cooler temperatures on the way!

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