Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Jest a'Day Dreamin'.....

Today has been a day of receiving rather sad news from several different friends and their families: deaths and illnesses and job losses and what have you.  By noon I had heard so many tales of woe I took myself out for a 2 hour walk downtown to pay bills, pick up a few groceries and window shop.  Unfortunately, great as that walk was, the bad news continued to flow in between 6pm and 10pm.  So many hurting people to pray for.  I feel so blessed that a sore back from too much walking of late and a slight run in with one of my weights the other night are the only immediate "problems" in my little world.

My husband had a long work day today, 13 hours by the time all his meetings ended at 9pm.  He too had some unpleasant tasks to perform so I am glad I was around for him to download his troubles.  As we sat and visited afterward we started "pipe dreaming" about our holidays next year.  Apart from a near miracle of God, none of this will ever happen, but it is always fun to dream big, right?

Our goddaughter in Florida, who we have never met, is taking her first Communion next May.  It is such a big deal for her and her adoptive family.  She and her 4 other adopted siblings have overcome so much after being born to severely drug addicted birth moms.  Our dream is to be able to fly to Florida to attend the Communion and finally meet her, her siblings and her parents who we know strictly through years of being email pals.  Then we would fly to NYC to see our son for a few days, take the train tour up to the campus where he did his MFA a few years ago because it is gorgeous country, from there back to Ontario on the train and then fly home from Toronto.  An even bigger dream  has us driving the entire route, sightseeing, staying in great hotels, eating marvellous foods, seeing all the tourist attractions as well as the many hidden treasures in most cities that the tourists never find.

Our daydreams involve a lot of actual research for hotels, restaurants and amazing sights to see, pretend budgeting, pretend arrangements of all sorts along our pretend route, like bungee jumping and hang gliding and river cruises, canyon hikes and other fun things!  We haven't done this sort of pretend vacation planning for many years and I had forgotten how much fun it is.

On our pretend adventures, getting time off work is never a problem, there are infinite financial resources available to allow us to do everything we plan to do, few hotels are too expensive, few restaurants too hoity-toity to cater to our every gourmet meal pleasure AND I do not need expensive health insurance because I am so healthy for these pretend ventures. 

Why play video games about building pretend civilizations when you can do this sort of pretend planning in the real world and learn an awful lot of useful information in the process? Right? 

It has been a nice escape for us this evening after absorbing so much sad news from so many friends today.  Now it is time to go back into our "prayer closets" and pray once again for help and guidance and healing for those who are hurting.

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