Friday, July 28, 2017

Knock, Knock....Sorry, Nobody Home.....

Today I am having a typical post-injection reaction to my twice yearly osteoporisis injection:  a very bad sleep last night, followed by a complete lack of energy, motivation, activity and general brain function all day today. The heat isn't helping of course.  Blaaaahhhh.....

One more night of poor sleep and another so-so day tomorrow likely, then I will be back to normal.  I am so blessed that of all the reactions, allergies and other side effects I could be experiencing from this drug, all I seem to be bothered with is a couple of days of insomnia induced fuzzy brain and a slightly sore arm for two days before life returns to normal.   Thank you Jesus!!  Hallelujah!!

Soon it will be time to make dinner and I don't know where today has disappeared to.  Tonight is Diocesan Prayer meeting for the office staff and me.  I have had to miss several in a row, so glad I can make it this evening.  Hopefully the temperature outside will be dropping at least slightly by then so my husband and I can walk over to the meeting.  Other than to open the front door and remove the mail from the box, I haven't set foot out of here today.  All the blinds and curtains are shut tight against the sun and heat, but just a few moments ago I opened the kitchen window downstairs and a bedroom window on the same side of the building upstairs, the put on the floor fan to start a bit of air flow between the two.  It really helps.  The shade is hitting that side of the building now, so even though there is not much breeze outside, at least with the fan it is sucking in some of the barely cooler air on that side of things.  The breeze from the fan is hitting me as I sit here at the computer and it feels WONDERFUL!!  

Tomorrow morning we will be up and out of here rather early.  The Bishop's Bicycle Tour group arrives at our church at 8am for a quick breakfast, photos, plus collecting a few local riders who want to ride through the city for the rest of the morning to each of the Anglican churches in the city along with the Bishop to greet parishioners from each one.  My husband is going to ride along that part of the route on his own new bicycle, so he is very much looking forward to that.  After breakfast I will take our empty water jugs and go get them filled while my husband is cycling.  At 1pm we will all meet back at our church to have a quick prayer time with the Bishop and whatever entourage he will have for the next and final leg of his journey to the north east of here, heading to the remaining parishes in the northern half of the diocese.  He has collected a fair amount of money to go toward world poverty relief, to our famine relief efforts in the South Sudan and Burundi and for the diocesan discretionary fund that helps local people who have unexpected needs.  I need to remember to write my own cheque for the cause and take it along to the prayer meeting tonight to be added into the total.

It is going to be so hot again tomorrow that I think I am going to lobby for dinner out.  Over the past few days we have used up a lot of leftovers from the refrigerator and freezer and it is soon going to be time to cook again.  TOO HOT!!  If I work things out properly, with a restaurant meal Saturday evening, I can feed us tonight's dinner, tomorrow's lunch and Sunday's lunch and, since we are going out to friends' for dinner Sunday night I won't have to cook anything until Monday morning!  I can get up early and prepare a few days' worth of meals to carry us through the worst of the heat at the start of the week. 

I must be starting to feel better as my head is starting to kick into gear about what I need to plan for over the next few days.  YIPPEE!  

When and if we ever get rain again I think I will go outside and just stand in it until I am completely soaking wet.  It is going to feel like sheer luxury! As much as I love the summer sun, I am certainly ready for some dark clouds and moisture to roll in.

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